Monday, November 07, 2005

11705 Monday

11/7/05 Monday
     I’m up and moving fairly early this morning. Showered and stuff. You know the morning routine. The brain seems to be doing well this morning, running about an 8 or so on the Bob scale. I poured dishwater, took my pills and herbal stuff, so I need to keep going. Just stopped to make this entry and check E mail real quick and hope not to get distracted.
     I did good. Got dressed, the dishes washed, and took the garbage out. I watched Dr. Phil but it got tired of it. Today I will take Wayne to see Dr. Rowan. I will have him fill out the form for his medical and physical disabilities. I don’t remember what else I am to do but have it written down somewhere. I think I will get Wayne’s stuff together so I am ready to leave at 12:30. Then I might carve. I’ll play that one by ear.
     Never carved. I did call the YMCA for Cherie after I saw the letter they sent to us requesting further information to process our application for the scholarship program. I got straight through to the lady who’s name was on the letter. After she pulled the file she was able to tell me what was needed. It was the federal tax form they needed and Cherie had only included the state tax record. The federal tax return was under the YMCA letter so Cherie must have figured that was it. I told the lady that I would bring the return to the Y today.
     When I finished that call I called Cherie to tell her about the Y thing and then started packing this computer and stuff in my back pack to go. I called Fred and let him know I was leaving and took off. I always call Fred because it is his car I use and he sometimes gets panicky if it’s gone. I got the return to the YMCA and headed over to get Wayne. It was still early so I stopped at Popeye’s Chicken. It seems lately that they are starving the chickens to death because these were pretty lean. I probably will not go back.
     I got Wayne to Dr. Rowan’s and had Wayne give him the forms after making sure Wayne knew what to say. Now I am sitting in the doc’s office working on this. I have been off in thought for two days now recalling events in my life. I will dig up the time line I had sketched out and fill it in some. I may visit Eileen after this or perhaps go to the park and write in the peace of the forest.  
     I called Eileen up after taking Wayne home. He had asked if I wanted to come in and I said no. I feel bad about it because Wayne is just nonstop talking. He can’t stand silence. Eileen said the house was a mess because they are painting so it wouldn’t be a good time to come over. That helped make up my mind cause with Eileen out of the picture the park it is. I will go see Eileen tomorrow. Right now I am at the park and just took a slew of pictures cause I got a camera and can. Besides I am fascinated with the things of nature.
     It is so peaceful here it is surreal. I can hear the sounds of civilization (For some reason that word seems like an oxymoron when applied to this town and country) leaking through the trees as the restless wind caresses the remaining leaves, hoping to seduce them into letting go, to join all their brothers on the ground.
     I am cold and should have gone home to get a coat but this chill feels good. It challenges me to be strong, able to shrug off these minor discomforts. It reminds me of those who lived here before the white man came. They embraced the changes of season and took pride in their abilities to overcome and press through.
     Now we are spoiled. I am sure Cherie will scold me for not dressing warm but I join with the forest in some ways as I soak in the spirit of this place.
     It is time for me to start writing some of the stories that have been coming out of the catacombs of my memory. I have been reminiscing as these times spring forward into my minds vision. More pieces of the puzzle of my life.
     I am kinda slowing down so I think I will go home.
I am home and more comfortable. I just put on a pot of coffee and turned on some Simon and Garfunkel. That and the herbal will help free this mind. As I sat at Dr. Rowan’s I was looking at old stuff I wrote and think I will pick out some of that to publish on this blog.
     There is so much confusion in this computer, so many things I started and then forgot about. I keep finding more folders where I would start the same thing again and again. Of course I keep doing it because I keep coming up with the same concept as I move in circles forgetting what I had already done and doing it again. Now I have a trail of folders with varying versions of the same information but I need to search out the nuggets before I start deleting stuff. I think I came to this conclusion before and never finished searching through this stuff. Won’t do it now.
     Something smells in here but I can’t put my finger on what it is.
I just went and edited the pictures I took of the park. I think they are cool but who am I. I made some coffee and it is real good with the vanilla cinnamon creamer Cherie got and some rum flavoring. Cherie just called to let me know she was going to the doctor after work in case I forgot. I actually remembered and always like when that happens.
     It is 11:00 PM now. I am tired and Cherie is going back to sleep. She fell asleep on my shoulder earlier and I held her and enjoyed feeling her warmth and life as she gently snored. I will end this now. Need to pick the pictures I will publish in the blog.  

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