Thursday, November 03, 2005

11305 Thursday

11/3/05 Thursday     
     It is a bright cloudless day this morning. I am having a problem with Allen thinking he may have again tried to take advantage of my lack of memory. I told him about it on the phone last night and he tried calling both our phones. I really didn’t feel like getting into a tiff so I didn’t answer. He left a message and I will call him today. Right now I need to get ready for Ann Arbor.
     I made it to the VA hospital and am sitting in an examination room or whatever it’s called. Just took a picture of the wall where there is a note posted that says “SAVE DO NOT REMOVE ARTWORK”. The wall is bare. The artwork has been removed.
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     I had the brilliant idea that if this journal serves as my memory why shouldn’t I use this nifty digital camera that can take as many pictures as I want and then insert them here. Allright…It’s not really brilliant and only took me a year to figure this out but hey I got there. I’m still waiting but don’t mind. I have learned to be patient and no longer rush, at least not as much as I used to. This may be a Wi Fy hot zone where I can go online. Think I will try that now. Well that didn’t work. Probably a hospital network that requires a password or something.
     I am home now and it is 3:04 PM. The doctors visit was kind of not fun and strange. The first guy was cool and nodded his head knowingly as I spoke of what I go through. He asked lots of questions about seizures and slow downs. That was fine but when he would ask how often events would happen I couldn’t really answer because I don’t remember. “That’s why I keep this journal” I told him patting my backpack laptop carrier. He had asked about it when he came in because I was writing the previous paragraph.  When it came close to the end of his examination he was talking about medication for the migraines and excused himself for a minute which turned into a lot longer. Eventually he returned with another doctor who walked up saying “Do you remember me?”. I didn’t have a clue and didn’t even have an inkling of recognition so I chuckled and said “Are you kidding? I could of seen you five days ago and wouldn’t know you now.”.
     This doctor seemed to have a different attitude laughing at my answers as if he were in on an inside joke. He went through a series of questions requiring me to remember and I finally told him “Look doc, I can’t remember stuff and half the answers I gave you were guesses” Then he got onto seizures and that led to whether I could safely drive or not. That was uncomfortable and I told him I had no trouble driving and when I slow way down I drive like an old man, nice and slow.
     I was glad to get out of there and headed home, grabbing a club sandwich at Subway on the way out of town. It was a quick drive back to Toledo as I thought about the doctor’s laughter. When I got back Fred called and asked if I could take him to Kazmier’s. “Sure, now’s a good time Fred. Lets go.” I told him and so off we went. He was glad to get out of and took his time having me look for him. As always I would give him a running commentary as he wandered down isles. “Here we have beans. There are kidney beans, pork and beans, pinto beans, All kinds of beans Fred. Apple sauce? We already went past it. I’ll go back and get some.” Eventually we got done and I took Fred home.
     Cherie called to tell me she would be working late. I told her I would fix dinner. Looking in the fridge I saw some of the Thai marinades and decided to use it with chicken. I ran to Kroger to get some stir fry veggies and coffee creamer. The dinner was a hit and Cherie liked it allot. We just relaxed and enjoyed each others company. Pirates of the Caribbean was on so we watched that and now I am here finishing up this entry and Cherie is going to sleep.  I think I am tired and done for now. If Linda is reading I will reply to your E mail soon.

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