Friday, November 11, 2005

111105 Friday

11/11/05 Friday
     Forgot I am to meet Jeff this morning so must hustle.
Made it and Jeff was pulling up as I was. We talked a bit and then got into my experience with Ahmed and fanaticism. It went from Sunni Moslems to Pentecostal Christians and I told him about the “Christian” woman on the wife swapping show. This extremist blind belief that makes one an easy tool by manipulating the belief is scary. As we talked my honesty got in the way. I have developed some serious doubts regarding the present day Christianity, God, and religions in general. Every one wants to own God. They say He’s our God. “He’s mine and you can’t have him” (Said in a child’s voice). We’re right, everyone else is wrong. Not only is this with different faiths but within each faith factions arrive. I really didn’t want to tell how I felt because I didn’t want Jeff to withdraw because of that. But I can’t lie so I touched on it and spouted everything you read up there.
     I got to Barb’s at 9:30. Dawn and Dee were waiting so I took the whole gang to Pilgrims church. They didn’t get as much as last time as the line was longer. I will have to get them there earlier. Barb was friendly and talked a bit but I am sure it was to make sure I won’t quit taking her places.
     When I got back Fred was waiting. He asked if I had plans for the afternoon. I had hoped to visit Eileen but that’s the way it is. I told Fred I had the whole day for him and it was a beautiful day out. “So plan as much to do as you can” I said. Fred asked if Cherie was coming home for lunch and when he told me yes said we could wait till she left. He knows how much I like to spend time with her and makes allowances for that.
     I told him thank you and came up here. I got into house mode and was cleaning, got the vacuum out, and decided to sit here and record this. Now back to work.

     Allright. It’s 1:00 now. I got all the vacuuming done by the time Cherie got home. We laughed, hugged, loved, and enjoyed talking of possible directions to go with our lives, of land in the mountains, of getting old together. She is so beautiful to me and I am constantly dazzled by the many expressions she has. This time it was the “Ah Ha!! I’m Right!! You did it not me” face as we discussed a minute scratch in the Teflon frying pan. I am blessed.
     All that happened in about fifteen or twenty minutes. Cherie went back to work and I called Fred to see if he was ready. “I’m ready when you are” Fred said. “Let’s go now then” was my response.      I took Fred to the Dollar Tree where he wanted to get some batteries for his magnified reader. He wanted to look around so I walked with him as I must. Unfortunately this was at one of Fred’s more aromatic times. “What kind of freezer bag is this? I hate those ones you have to poke at to get closed.” Fred said as he let out a fart that lasted longer than his sentence. As I tried to see what he held in his hands the first portions of his gaseous emanation reached me. “That’s the one that has a zipper on it. I like them cause they are easier to use” I said as Fred audibly released more of his stomach issues.
     Fred continues to ask questions as I keep taking steps back to avoid this cloud of fart surrounding him. By now I can’t see the small print of the boxes, you know where it says how many bags are in the box and am unwilling to go in and see. I did have to make a dart in to look but hey! I can hold my breath. At least for a short time. Fred seemed totally oblivious to this the whole time.  
     Fred wasn’t breathing well (No, not from the farts) so I said “Fred, you ought to think about bringing your oxygen bottle.”. He made no reply to that. I know he wanted to be out but couldn’t make it so I took him home.
     I called Eileen but it was busy so I called later and she picked up. We went through the usual “How ya doing?” dialog and I asked her if her kitchen is finished enough for me to come over.  She said it was so I called Cherie to let her know and headed over.
     Eileen showed me the kitchen walls and asked “Don’t you think it looks better?”. “Eileen I don’t remember what it looked like before so I really don’t know.” I answered her. She was already saying “You can’t remember” when I spoke up. It helps when folks understand these shortcomings of mine like Eileen does.
     Eileen had to go pick up her son, Bobby so I talked to Glen while he worked on loading Norton anti virus on his computer. Actually I mostly watched because I didn’t want to distract Glenn as he studied every step of the install to insure he didn’t mess something up. I had to sit down after standing in Glen’s computer room a while so I slid a kitchen chair so I could look down the short hallway to where Glen was. I don’t remember what we talked about but that’s me. Eileen finally got home and expressed her exasperation that every train in the county decided to be in her way as she started fixing dinner for Glen.
     Eileen and I talked about old times at my companies as we do. She said she met Bernie someplace and talked with him. For those of you who don’t know the cast of characters in my life I will introduce you to Bernie. Bernie has a space near where my companies were based. He is a Vietnam veteran and is now an artist who specializes in working with glass. He cuts it, casts it, molds it, blows it, bevels it, and can do most anything you can do with glass.
     I am pretty sure we were good friends or at least friends. He was one of the few I could remember when I got back to Toledo and was searching for anything familiar. Eileen told him she sees me on a regular basis and he told her he would like to see me. Bernie is very involved with the VFW on the East Side and they do a fish fry every Friday. I talked to Cherie about it so we will try to go next week.
     It is almost 10:00 now. Cherie had fallen asleep but just woke up. I am tired but want to finish today’s entry. I took Eileen’s picture and will post it to help put a face to her name. I am quite sure she will not be real thrilled but I told her I would. Sorry Weenie.  

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