Friday, November 25, 2005

11/25/05 Friday
It is 9:00 in the morning. Cherie has been long gone doing the early morning Black Friday shopping thing. I was going to stay in bed till Fred called. He is still sick and on a liquid diet and asked me to get him some chicken noodle soup. He said he would leave five bucks on the kitchen table and to just walk in and get it. Right now I have the Caddy warming up now that I figured out I could lock it with it running and still be able to get back in with the valet key. It’s got a security system and stuff I am not sure about. It does me little good to read the manual cause I forget it anyway.

Right now I am at Eileen’s. It is 11:11 right now. Anyway I finally made it. Been wanting to make down here for a while.
I need to fix the blog to make it easier to comment. Also E mail Weenie so she can get my address.

It is now 7:35 PM. Cherie had a wonderful day shopping. For her this is an activity that puts a bounce in her step. She came home just ecstatic with the deals she found. She always feels guilty when she does something she likes and starts out conversations with “I hope you don’t mind”. I told her that anything that makes her this happy is not only just fine with me but I encourage it. We are so in love.
Eileen had some good points for me. I was showing her all the pictures on this laptop and they include some of the characters I write about. She said it was good to put a face to the names. She also scolded me for not keeping up with my entries. “Come on Bob, what am I going to read tonight. I get a lot of entertainment from the blog” she said. Well Mama Weenie (Eileen’s nickname) here it is, incomplete as usual. I do fine till the end of the day, which for me is around 5:00 or 6:00. I will put a bunch of pictures on this time including the one that shows your “Good side”.

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