Friday, March 31, 2006

Finally cleared up

I never did make it to the shower. Just had a piece of the apple pie we baked last night for breakfast. It is time to drive Fred around. I’ll be fine, just have to be careful. I know I won’t talk much.

I made it back. Still slow but not as bad. These things tire me out pretty badly. Fred wanted to give me a tour of the Zenobia Shrine building so I dutifully followed him around. He would look at a door and peer at the plaque identifying what room it was and say “That’s the (Whatever) room”. I would look and see the sign said something else all together but that’s OK. Fred is blind and no sense pointing it out. I had a hard time not laughing when he pointed to the one labeled “Men’s Room” and said it was another chapter’s room. I had to let him know it was the bathroom. Even walking is hard right now because this is one of the slow downs that effects the paralysis on my right side. That is why I was fumbling everything this morning. The brain is having a hard time telling my right side what to do.

Ahmed is back. He’s out changing the tire on his Firebird. I am not happy but don’t want to talk to him while slow. I need to take the migraine pill now. Then I think I will hobble to the bed and drop in it. I will take the laptop and try to sort pictures. If I get confused I will just go to sleep and hope to wake up sharp.

Ahmed just left with Jackie. She was dressed to expose. Got the tramp look down pat. It makes me wonder.

I urge you not to throw away time, for it's swift as an arrow, fast as a stream. Distraction is entirely due to lack of concentration; stupidity and blindness are caused by lack of true knowledge.

-Yung-Ming, "Five Houses of Zen" Buddhist teachings

Well I finally cleared up at around 3:30. I really hate losing this much of a day. I got motivated and went on line to look up an attorney in Midland. I think I found a good law firm cause the woman I talked to was very helpful. Her area of specialty is in estates and stuff. When I explained my take on what the lawyer for the estate told me she explained that I have more of a say in the matter. She said that half of the farm was mine period and that I don’t have to sign off on it so it cannot be sold without my say.

If Larry wants to sell half he can either negotiate with me or pay out of his pocket the somewhat significant cost of having everything surveyed out and the negotiation on what goes where. I have no problem working with him but it is kind of impossible when the ass won’t call.
I sent him another E mail and will wait on Larry as I have been doing for months now. The things I have to do to get my family to talk to me. But that’s the loving caring Westbrook family. I’m sure we’re all proud.

If you look real hard you can see three deer. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Cherie and I went to the park and enjoyed walking together. We saw our deer again and took some pictures. It was a nice end for the day. I am still frustrated at not getting much done because of the slow down. Cherie was cheered by the news from the law firm and that will help. I always feel better when Cherie feels better.

One of the things I always enjoy every spring is the first signs of new life.

The first buds of what will soon be many.

Even the moss has flowers. There is no life without death. Just as nature must "die" every winter to come to life again so did I. I died to the old life and problems and have come back to a new life.

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