Saturday, December 10, 2005

121005 Saturday

12/10/05 Saturday
     I woke up fine. Cherie had been up a while. She fixed me a nice breakfast and came in to tell me about it with the joy one has when they give a gift. Like me she loves to show her love in as many ways as she can think of. I had her laughing as I always do and loved and kissed her lots. She has gone shopping. Allen just called so I will go over there in a bit. He asked if I could stop at Kroger and pick up some milk and $10 worth of pop. That stopped me a bit so I questioned him about the pop. He said get some tea and maybe only six or seven dollars worth.
     I have a headache and started slowing down. Going to Allen’s may not be fun.

     It wasn’t. Allen is so needy and insecure it is hard to deal with. He is desperate and afraid he will lose me as a friend. I am not sure how to handle this but will do my best to get him in the system so he can get medical help. I talked to him about how this will work and that it will not be a fast process at all. He is worried about having to take a drug test so I told him it would not happen right away, he will have plenty of time to prepare.
     I stuck with Allen for about four hours but couldn’t handle much more than that. He would just talk and talk about nothing important. This on top of my migraine. Allen said something about “when I come tomorrow” that came as a surprise. Some how he got the idea I would be coming Sunday and I really don’t want to. If I do go anywhere tomorrow it will be to visit Eileen or perhaps my friends in Michigan.
     I am tired and will call it a day. Night all.

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