Friday, December 30, 2005

12/30/05 Friday
I am doing well this morning. Woke up sharp and hope it stays that way. From what we saw on the weather station we will be driving into rain but it looks like the snow will be north of us.
We drove past the grass fires in Oklahoma yesterday. The smoke was visible a hundred miles before we got to where the burn was. At first I thought we were seeing the hazy image of mountains in the distance. At the time we were going through hill country we had never seen before because we went a different way coming to Texas. “Wow!” I told Cherie “I didn’t know Oklahoma had hills”. Eventually we could tell it was smoke we saw.
9:03-We are home now and very tired. So much to write but will have to wait till tomorrow. I stayed fairly sharp all day but did have a migraine. Not fun to drive with but I did good though Cherie was a nervous wreck a few times, particularly in the city traffic. Carman kitty is real happy we are home and is purring and flopping all over for his pets. You know he says we owe them because we left him alone for so long. We will rest now and get back to you tomorrow.

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