Thursday, December 29, 2005

12/29/05 Thursday
I haven’t gotten much writing done. We are getting ready to go home this morning. Not sure of the weather when we get closer to Ohio but it should be OK for the start of our journey.
We made it to Springfield Missouri. It is 8:37 Toledo time right now. I am pretty tired and Cherie is a little frazzled from my driving and the traffic. We are at the same Best Western we stopped at on the way to Texas. It was pretty nice then so we decided to stop there again.
I was slow this morning, about a four on the Bob scale. I cleared up pretty good on the drive but had one of the migraines about three hours ago. Cherie dug out one of the melt in the mouth migraine pills. It helped a little but I still have it and light and noise are more there to where it bothers me. I am down to about a five now. Slowing down. Hope I sleep well because I would like to hit the road early. I had planned on catching up writing about the funeral and stuff but am having difficulty writing this. Good night.

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