Friday, December 09, 2005

12705 Wednesday

12/7/05 Wednesday
     I just checked my E mail and there was one from my oldest son Bruce. He was in Baltimore or some city I am foggy on at the moment and said that his next E mail would be from some place sandy like Kuwait. I didn’t get to see him at all but was grateful to see he placed me on his short list of those he sends E mail out too. It hurts to write about it but writing helps me sort things out. I miss them both but they have their lives. I pretty much have been unable to be in touch with them for five years, due not only to the coma and injuries but also to the events leading up to the accident.
     I sent Bruce an E mail with two of the “Engrish” pictures. Then I checked E mail again and published yesterday’s entry. After that I went blogging for a while. Now it is 11:41. I think I will carve. I’ve been thinking about River East lately. About my things that remain over there, about my friends, Bernie and Keith, about the whole thing. I have been thinking much of this past along with about my boys. So much sadness, so much that was never finished, it’s hard not to be depressed. Good time to carve.

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