Monday, December 26, 2005

12/26/05 Monday
Hey! Hey! We’re in Springfield, Missouri this morning. I drove till 1:00 this morning and we stopped here as Cherie was worried about me pushing to hard. She is right and a bit wiser than I. Now it is 7:00 AM and we are refreshed and getting ready to hit the road. There were lots of hotels with billboards and signs advertising their low prices but we decided to keep with Best Western because of past experience. Good choice. Lots of little touches that make the few dollars more well worth it. Cherie had forgotten her hair dryer but there is one that comes with the room.
The drive here was not really fun. We started with going to Columbus to celebrate Christmas with Cherie’s family. That went well with none of the interpersonal stresses that often accompany this time. They knew we had a long drive ahead of us and served dinner early. Then we were off.
It had been incredibly foggy on the way to Columbus, with visibility at about a quarter mile, along with a constant drizzle. This turned into snow by the time we got to Indiana. When we entered the state there were salt trucks everywhere putting out salt in preparation of an upcoming freezing storm. That was a clue that things might not be fun up ahead so we kept going, hoping for things not to get too bad. They didn’t. This Caddy is a wonderful traveling machine that is far above what we are used to. We are blessed that Fred let us use his car.

I had Cherie take a couple of pictures, which can you see, that reflect how I act much of the time. Life is much better when you laugh allot and I am motivated to get laughs from my lovely wife. Seeing her smile just warms my heart in ways that are hard to put on paper. Today we will make it to Big Spring, God willing.
I love this computer stuff. Here we are at the hotel and able to go online. Cherie was able to transfer funds into our checking account to cover our expenses. We have spent $90.00 on gas so far and we are only two thirds of the way there. I’ll keep y’all updated. Got to hit the road now.

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