Monday, January 09, 2006

1/10/06 Monday
I’m not doing bad this morning. Running an eight or so. I just filled in the rest of Sunday and typing well. I was up till 2:00 in the morning because I was wide awake. Perhaps the three cups of Bob coffee and eating a load of the oatmeal raison cookies I baked had something to do with that. I went back to sleep after Cherie left for work and didn’t get up till 11:00. I had coffee and coffee for breakfast. I need to go to the YMCA but haven’t worked up to it yet. I am so uncomfortable in new environments it is something I avoid. I am fine after I have been someplace enough times that I am familiar with it and know how to act. Till then it is tough. I remember when we first went to Cedar Creek I would ask people we knew if I was acting alright. It’s the stress that triggers slow downs. I think I will go tomorrow.
There’s a slow down coming. Perhaps it brings a migraine with it. I will take the headache pill now. It’s a head spinner. Going to bed. I already took the seizure pill at 7:00 this morning. Maybe I should eat something besides cookies. It’s 1:00.
That one didn’t last long so I got to cooking dinner at about 3:30. It is 5:43 and I am having another slow down with a headache. This sucks. I tried to make dinner rolls from scratch but didn’t do well. Planning ahead was an issue. We will eat dinner soon and I will probably veg in front of the TV.
It’s two hours later and the headache was only moderated a little by the meds. I did the full barrage from the melt under my tongue stuff, Tramadol, and aspirin. I think the fact that I was trying to get all the cooking done contributed to the slow down. After I came into the bedroom and let Cherie dish up the food I cooked I speeded up a little. I am running at a five or so at the moment but the headache is still here.
I called Fred this afternoon to check on him. He asked if I still wanted to get a haircut when he does and I do so he called and made an appointment for tomorrow. I wrote on the love story today. Think I made it a more interesting read.
We put on a Dick Van Dyke DVD because there was nothing on TV. We’ve had the DVD for quite a while but had never watched it. I picked it up along with Laurel and Hardy and some other old stuff that was on sale for a dollar apiece. When we put it on I had a reaction I wasn’t expecting. As with many things this show unlocked memories that I had buried since my childhood.
This was one of my fathers favorite shows and he would watch it religiously along with Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners. With the opening theme song memories stirred and with them old emotions. I remember the house in San Antonio and the couch on the wall opposite the sliding glass door were I was to sit. I only would get to see bits and pieces of the television shows because I was often in trouble and grounded to my room. From there I would sit at the door and listen to the show and my dad laughing at the jokes. I would so want to be in there enjoying television with my daddy. It seldom happened and when I did get to watch
I would have to sit there and be quiet.

This is a picture of dad holding either me or my
brother. He was glad to have us then.

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