Monday, January 23, 2006

When you wake up, learn you were in a coma and had died this is what you think about (click on it to make it big enough to read)

1/23/06 Monday
I woke up tired but am moving now. It is 9:45. It is beautiful out without a cloud in the sky. I just called Fred and left a message to see if he wanted to get out. If he doesn’t I will go to the gym. Cherie wasn’t up to it this morning because we stayed up so late so we will go to bed early tonight and get up at four or so to be there when they open at 5:30.
Fred just called back and wants me to take him to pick up Barb and take her to Trilby Church for her food handout. After that I will take Fred shopping. Right now I will rush to the Y and get a workout. Have to keep it up, make it a life routine. Time to go.
OK. I made it back from the Y. Figured out where the pool is, or at least I think I did. Saw a sign. I was able to figure out most of the machines but there were a couple that I didn’t know the name so didn’t know where to mark on the workout sheet. I increased all the weights, some times dramatically. Fred wants to get going so I showered real quick and will head out now.

That’s done. When we got there Barb asked if we could take Dawn. I let that question go to Fred and he said yes. Dixie came out to see if I was fat because Barb said that was why I went to the YMCA. It is good to see she is out of the hospital and getting out of her apartment. She didn’t go with us. We got the food and I took them back to Barbs. Fred went through his box and picked out a couple of items he wanted then we headed to the Pharm so he could do his shopping. As always I watched what he was peering at and would announce “This is all Mac and Cheese Fred. That’s Boyardee stuff” as we went. He handed me his coupons and we got a few items he had discounts on. Fred said he sure would like to drive this car once so I said anytime he wanted to let me know and we would find a big parking lot were there’s nothing to hit.
I am real tired now. The exercising this morning gave me a headache. Not a bad one, just the dull pain thing. I am yawning, it is 3:47. This having to take naps during my day I will never get used to but it is the way it is. One of the hopes I have for exercising is to increase my stamina and energy. We’ll see how that works.

We have both been thinking about the farm. What we can do with it, how to do it, tons of things. It has Cherie and me excited. After a lifetime Cherie will have a home and for me it is exciting also. I had a home and lost it, now I will have one with the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Still tired. Suppose I should lay down.

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