Thursday, January 12, 2006

1/12/06 Thursday
This is a rough morning. I am fairly sharp, running about an 8. Was up and down all night with this sinus infection that has been hanging on for weeks now. This is creating flem that is thick enough to trigger my gag reflex. This morning I was hacking up chunks that were bloody. I have a headache which I hope is from the sinuses and not an upcoming migraine. I took a hot shower to generate some humidity with the hope of getting some relief.
Last night I rescheduled when I would help Allen so I could get Fred out. Allen wasn’t happy but that is tough. He acts like I owe him but that will be coming to an end. I do allot for him including feeding him with little gratitude but stick with it in order to get him the help he needs.
The ringing ears are starting. Not a good sign. It is 8:08. I am going to take the migraine pill and stay in bed for a while. The headache is getting worse and I hope it doesn’t come with a slow down.
Damn. It’s a migraine. Turn off the TV and close the blinds level.

It is 10:21. The migraine pill seems to have helped. I am not to speedy, running a five or so but the headache is reduced to a very manageable level. I just stayed in bed with my head covered because the light filtering through my closed eyelids bothered me. I might have snoozed off, I really don’t know. I am up now. I called Fred to let him know I had rescheduled Allen so I could take him out. He was happy especially because it is a sunny day and will get up to fifty two degrees or so which is about twenty degrees above normal. I hope this brain clears up some. I am still a little sensitive to light and sound. At least this was not a day long one.

I should fix breakfast. Still sneezing but not coughing as much. That seems to happen more when I lay down. Crap! I just sneezed and being alone didn’t bother to cover but this time it launched flem projectiles. Got some on this laptop and the bed so it’s clean up time.

Time to get ready to leave. It’s 10:54. I’m taking Fred at 11:30. The herbal stuff doesn’t seem to be helping at all. Still slow. As I moved around just now it was a little difficult. The paralysis on the right leg is more pronounced and I am fumbling with the right hand as I pick up things. Not unusual but I note it for the doctors.

It is 2:13 and I just got back from taking Fred around. The headache never really left, just subsided some. Now it is getting stronger so I took a second Migraine pill. This is one of those days where I get lost and have a hard time with decisions. Fred had to direct me a few times when I would just go by where I was to turn. I couldn’t remember which way to turn to go to Red Wells where Fred bought me a sandwich. I don’t have days like this too often anymore which is fine by me. I am not looking forward to going to Allen’s but will do so. I do what I say.
I bought a cowboy hat at the thrift store. It was brand new and just my size. You just don’t see to many cowboy hats up here so I figure it must be providence or some such thing. Now I can look like a Texican (misspelled on purpose) when I go back there. I also got a hat for Glen. He liked the baseball cap I had gotten when we were in Texas and asked where his was.

It is 8:29 now. I had run to Miejer’s to get some chips and veggies for the dinner I was fixing. When I got back Cherie had come home from work. It was a beautiful day out. Sunny and warm, it got up to 54 degrees. Cherie said “It would have been nice to go for one of our walks today”. “Lets go. Get your coat on” was my reply so off we went. It was good to get out there again but as we walked and looked at the bareness of the forest in its annual winter death we both thought of how we would miss this if we move to Texas. The smells, the animals, the rivers, all of it is a part of us here.

We talked of these things. How we love it out here. How we would miss it when we are gone. Cherie asked “Are there places like this out there?” I said that Colorado is only a few hours away. “There are places but we have to find them. That will give us something to do. Explore the world out there together” I told her.

Allen was as fun as always. Come to find out he didn’t need his truck unloaded, he had already done that but hoped I would help him do something else. I told him “Allen I don’t read between the lines. If you tell me you need me to help unload your truck that’s what I come to do. I don’t have time for B.S.. I need you to spell things out clearly”. I hope he got the message. Then he said that he thought he had food poisoning from the bean soup I brought him last week. I told him we still had some of it and I ate a bowl last night so there is nothing wrong with the soup. “Perhaps there was something in it your allergic to” I suggested. I don’t know what he had in mind when he told me about how much pain he was in for days after eating the soup. Guilt trips don’t work on me. I might stop by there tomorrow but only if I have nothing else to do.

We tried to call Virginia after dinner but got her machine. I sent an E mail to her home address after I saw it when I looked up her number. We hope she is OK, especially after she had to go to the emergency room for a mystery infection or bite. It didn’t sound like the doctors had a clue what was going on.

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