Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just like yesterdays picture. Beauty in the midst of thorns. Cherie is as beautiful on the inside as she is outside. Of course I am a bit biased.

1/21/06 Saturday
We planned on going to the gym at nine this morning. Cherie did some running first and I got myself showered and shaved. Fed Ex called her while she was out to let her know she could pick up her package. We headed to the Y but it was packed so decided to go pick up her package. Fed Ex was hard to find and they didn’t have any signage out to help poor lost strangers like us find where to go. When we finally found the right door I was frustrated and let the guy know they need signs. Cherie got her package which was sewing machine stuff from Singer.
We decided to stop by K&J Meat and Kroger on the way home. I was doing well till we got into Kroger. It is not one of the ones I frequent so everything was new. As we began I felt that light headed confusion that often comes at grocery stores and unfamiliar places with lots going on. It is another partial seizure or what I call a slow down. This one dropped me to a 3 or 4 on the Bob scale. Cherie was concerned as she always is and I told her that coddling me at these times is the wrong thing to do. I really don’t know but it sounds good. Now the headache is coming so I took one of my migraine pills. Yesterday I for got to take my evening seizure pill.
It is 11:16 and I am still slow and tired like I always am with these slow downs. Been worrying about Allen and thinking about what to write.
Now it is 2:09. I got to the close the blinds and crawl into bed level of migraine. I am still pretty slow. It is probably unrelated but my right arm is sore. This is frustrating. It is a beautiful day out. Hate missing good days.
Overall this was a bad day as evidenced by the shortness of today’s entry. The headache never really went away and the brain was pretty cloudy. It is 11:21 now. Cherie and I enjoyed each other as we always do. It is good to have a woman who loves you even when you are not up to speed. As I have said before and will say many more times, I am blessed. Good night all.

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