Saturday, January 28, 2006

As I consider what is ahead my spirit soars.

1/27/06 Friday
This is another good morning. It’s prime time and there is much I am going to attempt to get done. Yesterday I accomplished none of my goals so hope to do better. Top of the list is to get moving on Wayne’s disability. I called Jill, from the MS lunch bunch, to ask her if she had any suggestions to get legal help that won’t cost as much. She is having a rough day and can’t get out of bed but she did have some valuable advise on where to look. I will start with dialing the 211 number that goes to a United Way agency and gives advise on issues. She also told me that there is a lawyer at Social Security who can help get this together at no cost. I will try that first.
I called Wayne to let him know this and to get ready because I will be coming to take him to Social Security.
Jeff called me early this morning and let me know that he was at the hospital with his ex wife who is passing kidney stones so he won’t be able to meet me for our Friday breakfast. I find it admirable that he is there for his ex despite the long and continuing divorce. Shows some quality of character in him.
I contemplated going to the Y this morning after learning the breakfast wont happen but decided that I need to make use of this period of clarity. I’m off now. Will pick up Cherie’s check or at least learn if the direct deposit is activated yet. Then I will head over to get Wayne. I will stop at Barb’s to drop of the hamburger buns Fred got for her if she is up.
I’ve been busy and stayed sharp all day long. I called Jill from the MS group and talked to her about Wayne’s Social Security issues and asked her advice. She said that SS provides a free lawyer to give advice and also mentioned the Ability Center. I picked Wayne up and took him to Social Security. The lady said there was no lawyer and was generally not helpful at all. I got frustrated and told her “Thank you for not helping” and walked out.
I drove Wayne directly over to Marcy Kaptur’s office because I was tired of the run around. She was getting on the elevator with us. I tell you what, she is the most impressive Congress person I have ever met or heard of. Very open and friendly and she remembered helping me. We talked to one of her staff who printed up some information that will help me immensely. I think I will try to do this without the lawyer. Paying 25% is robbery. I believe there is a good chance I can do this. Hope so cause if it fails it will put Wayne into a bind.
Then I took Wayne to get a haircut in Oregon where he used to go. His old barber was there and they had a good talk. With that done I took him to buy some groceries. He didn’t have any cash with him so I paid for the haircut and food. He paid me back $25. I dropped the hamburger buns off at Barb’s and came home.
Called Eileen on the way home to tell her we were going to the fish fry at the VFW or American Legion hall and asked if she and Glen would like to go. This is one run by Bernie so I hope to see him there. I think he is the president of the hall but don’t know. Eileen said she had something for me so I went and visited. Glen was on his computer so I talked with him a bit. His computer is hopped up and does more things than I can even keep up with.
They gave me the McAfee security program they had leftover. I tried to install it but it is giving me problems and doesn’t seem to be as effective as the Spy Doctor because when I scanned with McAfee it found nothing but Spy Doc found 31 infections. This has changed my computer and that makes me nervous. I need to back up everything.
Eileen and I talked for a while. She said “Texas is going to be a big change for Cherie. Do you think she will be able to handle it?”. I told her that it will be a big change for me also because I haven’t lived there in twenty five years. “I have family down there but I don’t know them and they really don’t know me. They have heard stories and knew me when I was a wild kid but all they really know is rumors and what Larry has told them. It will be a big change for me but we are going to build the life we should have had twenty five years ago”. Eileen looked at me with eyes that were both sad and I guess had a touch of wonderment and said “You guys are living a fairy tale”. That is true. Our story is one that sounds like a book written by a master story teller. I would have a hard time making a tale like this up. Gotta get writing the book again.
Cherie and I rushed to get to the fish fry and when we got to the hall there were hardly any cars in the lot so I called Eileen to make sure it was the right place. It was so we went in. NO Fish fry. It is only held on the first Friday of the month, not every Friday so that was that. I took Cherie to the Glendale Garden Café where the food is always fantastic and the prices low. We enjoyed each others company and talked of what to do with the house in Texas.

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