Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Texas flowers

1/24/06 Tuesday
Cherie and I both woke up tired. She stayed in bed and when I told her the time said she wasn’t going to take a shower so would be OK. I gave her a kiss as she left and went back to bed to watch the news. As soon as I hit the covers the kitchen phone rang so I got up and rushed to answer it wondering who it might be. It was Cherie and she was still in the parking lot. “Honey, there’s all kinds of debris out here. I don’t know if it was a wreck but there is someone’s planner out here” she started out saying. As she worried about it I told her “I’ll go out and look at it Cherie. You need to get to work”.
Going out I saw all kinds of papers blown across the parking lot and what looked like a book bag, along with pantyhose and stuff. I wondered if it belonged to some kid who lost it at the bus stop but when I picked up one of the papers I saw it was a military document. With that I went through the entire parking lot and picked up the papers that had blown all over.
I went upstairs and started looking through the papers to see if I could identify who they belonged to. It was a girl named Jill and there were addresses from military bases and one in Toledo. I looked in the phone book but she wasn’t listed so I went back through the stuff. There was a list of names for who to contact in case of emergency. One of those I found in the phone book so I called it. It was Jill’s dad and he told me her car had been stolen last night. I gave him my number and she called me shortly after.
They came over and when I went out to give her stuff back they were at the back side of the building and her car was there with a broken window. She was grateful for me caring enough to look her up. The police are here now.

As I wrote this I had one of those ears ringing light headed episodes. These always worry me as they some times precede a slow down. Didn’t seem to this time. I am running about an 8 on the Bob scale. (I try to use the “Bob scale” label because I can use it to search this journal and track this)
I have been thinking about Allen and what to write. I need to do this as he is going downhill fast. I don’t know but I am sure he is selling off his possessions to buy his drugs. If I can’t convince him to get help he is gone.
It is almost 12:00. I am feeling real tired. Probably should eat.

1:26 – I fixed a big breakfast for lunch. Three eggs, bacon, and grits with cheese. Barb called and asked if I would take her to cash her check so she could get cat food. I said I wasn’t inclined to do so. End of that subject. I am slowing down now. Not one of those sudden drops but a slow slide downhill. This sucks.
Bill Self from the Westside Church called to invite Cherie and I to the movie about the missionaries who got killed. I told him I wasn’t inclined but would talk to Cherie and see if she wanted to go. This Christian stuff bothers me now. How strange that what I once was so gung ho about now makes me uncomfortable. Too much death and greed in the name of a God of one type or another. Truth is hard to find but I search for it.
I think the headache is coming but will wait to make sure before I take the Zomig migraine pill. Only have two left. Went online and registered to refill my VA prescriptions online. It took me a while because am slow. I can’t believe it is already 2:08. It seems like I just got up an hour ago but that is part of the brain injury. I have no sense of time. It’s strange to be me.

When Cherie came home from work I had just woken up. I went to bed at 3:00 or so because of the slow down and headache. We went to the Y ass we planned. This was Cherie’s first time so I went through the machines with her to show her what I had learned. We worked out together and then went to Home Depot to look at stuff for the farm house. I went through a quick slow down so we left. I got snappy and a migraine came on fairly quick. We got fast food and Cherie drove me home. It’s 10:30 and I am still not doing well so good night.

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