Friday, January 20, 2006

This is West Texas cottonjust before harvest. It is the primary crop grown all around the house we hope to call home. I'll have 70 acres to farm. Don't know anything about farming so I might lease it out or leave it in the government program where they pay to keep it natural.
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1/19/06 Thursday
I am tired this morning. I am always tired after slowdowns. This morning I am scheduled to meet the trainer at the Y who will help me figure out a workout schedule and how to use the machines. My cognizance level is about a 6 right now. A little slow but not bad. This always changes up and down throughout the day. Hopefully I will be sharper when I go to the Y. I hate looking stupid in public. One of the things I look to gain from exercise is to increase the sharpness of this brain. It helps others.
I am limping pretty badly right now. I think it is enhanced by the stress I have about going to the YMCA. Stress is the big problem and trigger slowing my downs.

10:40 - I just got back from the gym. The lady who showed me how to operate things was good and as she did she learned of my injuries. As always it had an impact. How many people do you know who broke their back once, their neck three times, and has multiple head injuries. All right, Evil Kenieval, the motorcycle stuntman, broke about every bone in his body. Any way I got a good work out and should remember most of what she said. The bike was cool cause it takes your heart rate as you pedal.
I started getting a headache as I worked. This one was different in that it was a sharper pain at the right temple. Now it has spread out and becoming a regular headache. I stopped by the VA clinic to renew my prescription for the migraine pills. I think I should take one now. Cherie said that some of my headaches are from not eating. When you don’t feel hunger and don’t remember to eat it is hard to keep up. Yesterday, like many days, I didn’t eat at all till Cherie came home from work at 5:00. I will go fix some eggs now.
I made three fried eggs with grits and sausage. While eating I noticed a flyer for the Multiple Sclerosis luncheon I take Wayne to. It was today and it’s too late to make it without flying. I called Wayne to let him know and as I talked could tell I am slow. Probably down to a five. I was going to call Allen to get him out of the basement he lives in. Think I will wait and see if I sharpen up. Pretty tired now so will lay down.

I turned on the TV and watched news. Never took the migraine pill. My ears are ringing bad and the sound I hear from the TV distorts. Not good, kind of like a hearing hallucination. This has happened before. I used to think that one of the speakers on the TV was cutting out.

4:14 – I laid down for a while. I can tell I exercised this morning. Between that and washing the dishes my back is killing me right now. My arms are weak and particular muscles are pretty sore.

It’s 7:40. I am tired and unmotivated. Allen called and I was short with him. Not in the mood to drop everything so he could ask question like “What time do you have to pick up Barb?”, especially when I had just told him I would pick her up in the morning. Still have the headache.

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