Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Eventually we will be pulling up our roots to put them down in the sandy soil of Texas.

1/25/06 Wednesday
I am up now and other than having a stuffy head doing well. My typing speed and clarity indicate I am running about an 8 on the Bob scale. Hope it stays that way but as always never know. Don’t have anything scheduled for today or this week for that matter. Need to clean the house. Did most the dishes already. I suppose it would be good idea to eat.

1:02 – I fixed two egg sandwiches and had a glass of milk. At around 12:00 I had one of those ears ringing light headed sensation. It only lasted a couple of minutes. Had one of those yesterday before I had the slow down. I am running about a 4 Bob scale now. Maybe a three. Eating not only doesn’t help but may increase it. Don’t know. Hard to think right now.
Studied water wells in Texas. Drill depth seems to be around 165 feet. Not bad. Might not cost to much to drill a new one. It pisses me off. I was doing so well and now am slow making it hard to do things.
Didn’t get much done. Cherie whipped up a nice simple dinner with Mexican fiesta chicken, veggies, and cornbread. It is 7:10 and another migraine just came on quickly. We got a package of pictures from Virginia today. They are pictures Lee had given to Jimmy Hollandsworth, Virginia’s brother. Many of them are labeled but some aren’t. There is tons of history here. Pictures of my mother as a child, pictures of Rudy, his family, in the service, and with Lee.
Virginia had a short note in the package and said the lawyer was out of town till next week so she wouldn’t see him till then. I need to send her a thank you. She reads this so “Thank you Virginia”.
It’s nearly 11:00 and Cherie is snoring in bed beside me so I think this will be all for the night.

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