Sunday, January 22, 2006

1/22/06 Sunday
I woke up at four this morning so got up and started on a letter to “Good Morning America” about why I thought Emril should fix Cherie breakfast in bed for valentines day. Having a hard time processing this and Carman kitty is not helping as he meows and flops on top of my foot, purring and looking for pets. I have been up over an hour and think I will go back to bed.

Cherie and I laugh and enjoy each other so much. It has been two years since our remarriage and the magic is just deeper. I looked at her this morning as she laughed and told her that when she laughs my heart laughs with her. I was a little slow this morning with another headache. It wasn’t to bad at all. I have spent the last two hours writing a letter to the Today Show because they are having a breakfast in bed on Valentines day cooked by Emril Logasi (I’m just guessing how to spell that) Hey, the odds are better than the lottery. Here is what I wrote.

Why my wife deserves breakfast in bed from Emril.
We met in college and, as so many do, fell in love. We got married and set out to conquer the world. Life was hard but we had each other and could do anything because we were in love.
Then I fell out of a tree. I broke my neck, back, and suffered a severe concussion. Cherie watched me almost die and then nursed me back to health. The neck and back weren’t too bad and just required I wear a brace for a year but there was another injury the doctors didn’t recognize.
No one could account for the drastic personality change they saw in me. I was emotional and would fly off in anger with the slightest provocation. Cherie’s well meaning but misguided parents pressured her into filing for divorce. This was a horrible confusing time that tore both of our hearts out.
With the divorce finalized we went our separate ways. Cherie left Toledo to escape the memories and crushed dreams and I did the rebound marriage thing. The next twenty years ravaged us and made the scars deeper. We lost all contact with each other except Cherie would occasionally hear that I had become a successful businessman. She never forgot me despite years of trying and I kept the mementos of our time together with me.
Cherie had suffered through two abusive relationships and thought she would live out the rest of her life alone. She returned to Toledo to help her parents who had both incurred strokes.
Cherie saw an article in the paper with my picture about a new store I was opening. She drove by and played with the idea of stopping in but couldn’t. Three years later Cherie turned on the news. 13ABC was running a story on “Toledo’s John Doe”. She was shocked when she saw it was me.
In November 2001 I had an accident while driving to Texas. Flung from the car as it rolled I again broke my neck and was in a coma for a month. It took a year for me to make it back to Toledo from Oklahoma and when I did I didn’t recognize the streets. I ended up homeless and wandering, researching who I was and searching for memories.
Cherie was one of many who called in to say they knew me. She offered her help as I had difficulty figuring things out. For the first time in twenty years we met. She asked if I remembered her and I did. We just cried. We had never stopped loving each other and remarried June 20, 2004. Life has now become rich and full of laughter for us both but I come with a disability. Cherie took on much with me but handles the burden well. I do as many nice things for her as I can and breakfast by Emril would be too cool.
(This is only part of the story)

What ya think? I get teary when I write about this but it is a good teary. We are both constantly in awe as we try to grasp the wonder of being back together. We are blessed. Goodnight.

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