Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Saturday morning

5/19/07 Saturday
It’s another Saturday morning on the old family homestead. It’s been pretty cool for West Texas lately and this morning is no exception. The temperature gauge outside the window says it’s 57 degrees out. I went outside and washed my hair because Cherie is going to cut it this morning. It is much easier for me to do it outside with the garden hose than standing over the tub. Bending over it as I pour pitcher after pitcher of water on my head just kills my back. Besides that, reaching blindly as the soap gathers over my eyes to find the pitcher, find the pot of heated water, guessing where to pour it, and guessing when the pitcher is full, is a challenge I really would prefer to avoid. So going out front and taking my shirt off in the cold is much easier and less painful. I do hide behind the truck because I don’t want to be responsible for someone running off the road as they watch this half naked white boy taking a shower with the garden hose. At least I only wash the hair outside.

With that done Cherie cut my hair and did a great job despite her fears. Then I helped her wash her hair by pouring the heated water as she leaned over the tub. I went out and spread the Dipple dust on the plants and pulled a few weeds. It didn’t take me long to figure out I will need to take a pain pill. Always hold out on that till the last minute.

So that’s the start of the day. Cherie has a list of stuff she needs to do in Midland so will be gone for a while. I’ll continue in the living room. Decided to only do two walls at a time so we can move the furniture to one side for that and
push it over for the other two walls.
Didn’t quite do the living room like I had planned. Planted herbs and things in the garden and unloaded the rocks I had picked up a day or two ago. Then I went into town and got the mail, a Martin county newspaper, and fifteen gallons of water. When I checked the price of gas it was $3.24 at Town and Country but only (only?) $3.05 at the shell station. So I called Cherie, who was in Midland and asked her what gas was in that part of the country. $3.09 was the best price she had seen. I wasn’t going to get gas as I still had almost a half a tank left but figured I better get it while the getting was good. Stopped pumping when I hit fifty bucks despite it not being full yet.

I noticed Luchi’s was open on the way home so made sure to let Cherie know when I got home. Actually she called me as I was heading in because it seems I had forgotten to close the door. I had locked it but by the time I carried the three empty water bottles to the truck forgot all about closing the door. My hands had been full so I planned on running back to close the door after I set the bottles in the back. Short term memory thing.

There was a notice on the Stanton sign about someone who has an adobe brick maker for sale. That’s something I had considered while we were still in Toledo knowing the benefits of adobe regarding not just insulation but passive solar. The listed price is a thousand bucks, which is way out of our reach, but I called anyway. With the wood siding literally rotting off the house we need to do something. Turning dirt into bricks sounds like a concept to pursue cause I’ve got lots of dirt. The machine requires an air compressor. Nate gave me one but it needs an electric motor and probably a few other things to work. If any of y’all got about a two horse motor let me know.

That’s all I can think of right now and am tired so will take a nap like the doctors said I should. We did go eat at Luchi’s by the way. They’ve got great barbecue brisket and the cheesecake was about five inches tall. Caught us by surprise. We don’t eat out very much at all so it is always a treat. See ya next time I post.

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