Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Puppy proofing

5/30/07 Wednesday
We’ve been puppy proofing around here. I got lima beans planted. Came in for lunch and started slowing down. Puppies sleep a lot. Should lay down till this passes. Will go play with puppies instead. It’s 12:49. Running a four on the bob scale. You can tell by how short sentences are.
I ended up just laying down and almost sleeping. Still slow an hour later with a headache on top of it.

The puppies are bringing lots of joy. They are the kids we can’t have so we are mom and dad.
I pretty much lost a whole day. Didn’t clear up till around 8:00. These things always drain me and leave me tired but I was able to plant black eyed peas and some Mammoth dill. Then I cleared the bed I decided to plant the asparagus in. That will take three years before I can start harvesting it but if I take care of it the asparagus should last fifteen or twenty years. We have the first silks showing on the corn so I was careful to dust them in order to fight the corn worms.

That’s pretty much the whole day other than playing with the puppies. They only last ten minutes or so before they go back to sleep. At five weeks old they are barely weaned and don’t even walk well yet though it’s cute to watch them try to bound around. I hope tomorrow goes much better as far as my being able to do stuff. Night all.


Branden said...

That puppy is really cool, what kind is it? be sure to tell that u have a blog in the subject line. Thanks!

Branden said...

the other comment was ment for the blog below. sorry.

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