Monday, May 21, 2007

woke up angry

5/21/07 Monday
I woke up angry. Not good. Called Virginia and was an ass. There is so much that has been smoldering inside for a long time. I wrote a whole post based on that. Not going to put it on, at least not today, not till I think it through.

So what else happened today? This was Cherie’s first day of work. She called around 1:30 and let me know she was stuck in the mud on one of the back roads she had to travel on. I grabbed one of the chains that managed to not disappear from this place and rushed out to rescue her. Mud in the West Texas desert. Go figure. The ruts were so deep that even my truck would bottom out. Cherie’s little car actually was wedged on top of the ridge between the tire ruts. The front wheels were barely on the ground. Everything was so muddy I had to back the truck up a half mile to find a place I could turn around without getting stuck too, and backed the half mile back to her car. Then I laid in the mud and wrapped the chain around a safe part of her frame. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get her car out but it slid out easily.

With that done I rushed to Eric’s. He’s going to see about transferring the video’s we took of my grandmother before she died onto DVD. We talked for an hour and a half about much of what’s been eating at me. It is good to have someone to have an intelligent conversation with and I really needed to have some help to sort things out. Actually one of the things eating at me is that no one from the church is willing to spend some time talking. I’m sure pastor would but he seems overwhelmed with his duties as it is. It was good to talk. We discussed my doubts and thoughts regarding God and religion in detail. I think we will go to his church next week.

What else? I worked in the garden and got the mud out of the wheels of Cherie’s car. There was so much it threw them out of balance and had the steering wheel bouncing when it got over forty miles per hour.

One last thing. Two years ago the doctor at the VA in Ann Arbor poked around my hands and wrist and asked some questions about pain and stuff. After all that, to my surprise he announced I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and prescribed some kind of wrist braces for both of my hands. I never thought much about it and only put them on once, then threw them in a drawer. Really didn’t buy that I had this carpal tunnel thing, just figured it was the latest fad with doctors.

Well I’ve been having problems with my right wrist for weeks now, spurred on by all the weeds I’m pulling along with hoeing, digging, and other stuff necessary around this house. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and the back pain far exceeded the wrists so just ignored it. Besides the pain pills helped alleviate this. Today I had a hard time holding my glass and lifting this laptop off the dresser. Finally I dug out these wrist supports and tried the one for the right wrist. What a difference. I guess the doctor knew what he was talking about. These supports been sitting here for two years now and I am glad they are here. Maybe if I had been wearing them this wrist wouldn’t be hurting as much. Doesn’t matter now.

That’s all folks. Hope the anger gets under control. See ya.

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