Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stirring a hornets nest

5/9/07 Wednesday
It’s still raining and predicted to continue doing so all day. There haven’t been any of the deluges like we had recently, a day or three back. As usual my ability to put a time stamp on memories makes it hard to say and I don’t feel like going back in the journal to see. So I won’t be working in the garden today.

Cherie came home with ideas and a new inspiration to keep fixing up the house. After what she saw in her parents house her motivation for keeping things clean and picked up is greatly amplified. She does a good job of that anyway but finding things like used plates, dried up pizza slices, cups, pop bottles, and who knows what else piled up three feet high behind the couch at mom and dad’s really brings things home. The sad part of that is this just touches what you would find in this house dad built, this house that was kept so clean and well. If adult protective services came in they would instantly remove mom and dad for their health and safety. How I want to unleash on this, how I want to expose what has happened over the years. I will bite my tongue for now but I care for mom and dad and this is a detestable thing. It is nasty situation and a more than just wrong. You don’t like me writing about this Cathy? Look around you and tell me you are proud of what you see, what you have allowed, what you are responsible for.

I am sure I have stirred up a hornets nest back in Toledo but it needs to be stirred. It’s the truth and if you don’t like it that’s tough. If you’re not proud of something then change it. Live a life your proud of and have no shame with, one that you can display to the world without embarrassment, one you don’t have to hide away and keep secret.

It is so hard for me not to express myself, to say what I think regardless of the consequences. So back on to our life here in Texas. I am going to start preparing the walls in the living room to be painted, filling in holes and sanding down rough areas and removing the baseboards. We can afford to buy a five gallon bucket of primer for the initial coat. That might even be enough to prime the bedroom also. Things don’t look real clean and picked up here but we are still in transition, still working on things. I suppose some would think I have no room to talk about mom and dad’s house in Toledo because we have blankets hung over the windows and things but that is simply because there is no money for curtains and other stuff we need. We do the best we can with what we have. Regardless it is clean.

I’ve got work to do but first I want to read the January 29 2007 issue of Time Magazine that Cherie picked up at mom’s cardiologists office. It is a special issue on the brain.
It’s a great set of articles in the Time magazine and I always like learning new things, particularly how you can rewire your brain yourself through meditation techniques and focusing on particular activities. This is successfully done to combat depression and things like obsessive compulsive disorder. Cool stuff that can be powerful when you learn to do it. We are talking Harvard medical studies and stuff.

The readership of this blog has been steadily growing this year. I am amazed and I guess grateful that some find our lives interesting enough to follow. I don’t know if grateful is the word I am looking for but it’s the only one that comes to mind right now. I guess I feel like I have more friends than I thought and certainly less alone. So to y’all – HEY! (that’s the way bob says hello)

Read the comments. They helped Cherie regarding how to approach the problems at her parents. That and reading the old entries in this blog that refer to that subject going back to 2005 when I started this blog.

Night all


Amy E said...

Well I believe in God's will, but God also gave us "free will", a mind, and hopefully the wisdom to make sound logical and biblical decisions. I agree some action is needed. Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Bob this is so over due that you speek your mind. I feel so sorry for Ted and patsy. What ever plans that are made for them cathy and nate should be out of the picture

Bob said...

I'm pushing for action now Amy. I am much more concerned about insuring mom and dad will be someplace where they can better enjoy the twilight years of their lives without all the garbage around them. And also where their needs are looked out for by responsible and professional people.
Anonymous-Do you know the family? I did a search in this blog and the last time I used the name Patsy was nearly a year ago. Going back and reading what I wrote then was a revelation and enforces my desire to get this done. Politics be damned. I will do what is right for to not do so makes me responsible for any evil that happens. Winston Churchill or someone said that the only thing evil needs to thrive is for good people to do nothing. That's a bob paraphrase cause I don't remember it clearly. E mail me if you wish at

ByronB said...

Hey yourself, Bob! :)