Thursday, May 31, 2007

A pupppy morning

5/31/07 Thursday
It’s a puppppy morning. Oh yeah! It’s amazing what difference a day makes. Both of them have more energy and are bouncing around with greater vigor and coordination. Still have a ways to go but that’s part of the blessing, to watch them grow. Cherie is a worry wart mom, fretting over every whimper they make. She got up twice last night to check on them. This morning they were awake plenty early and she said they were kind of pensive until they saw her. Then the tails started wagging and they were happy. It hasn’t taken long for them to recognize us.

We left the front door open so they came into the house from the porch for the first time. At first they were cautious as they entered this new frontier until they came around the couch and spied Cherie. Then it was scampering time and they both ran into the kitchen to see mom and confidently began sniffing and investigating all around them. We brought them up to the bed where I had to watch so they wouldn’t fall off the edge. That will be hard to keep up so I took them out to the veranda where I drank coffee and played with them. I usually watch the news every morning but that isn’t important now. They are both moving much better. Yesterday Cherie would come to the door and say “What?” often cause she heard my voice and thought I was talking to her. Nope, I was talking to the puppies. Carman kitty, by the way, is not at all happy about these new arrivals and has been hiding and pouting.

So I am doing much better this morning as you can tell by the fact I’m writing full sentences. Look forward to a good day. We take the puppies to the vet at ten this morning. The timing is right as it will cost sixty bucks to get both of them shots and stuff and her first check from work comes tomorrow. I have insisted Cherie find a dentist to get her tooth pulled. She’s been enduring the pain for some time now. We’ll E mail Janie and Eric to see if they can recommend one. They are our contacts or guides if you will, to local resources. It’s a shame we haven’t developed that kind of relationship here in Stanton, at least not yet. Peggy has been great though and in all fairness we could E mail her so that is our fault. Karla also has reached out via E mail and Cherie will call so they can get together. Maybe in time some others will open up to us.
Trixie is a typical female as it's hard to get a picture of her face. The old stainless steel bedpan makes a great water dish. I tried to give it to Steve for emergency field use but he has the Cadillac model we gave him so wasn't interested. By the way, I DID clean it out good.
We took the puppies to the vet. You’ve got a good eye Janie. The vet says she is sure they are a Border Collie Aussie mix. She also said that is a great combo. We got them their shots and will return in two weeks for the second set. It is good that Cherie is working right now cause otherwise this would break us.

There are two peacocks that we saw wandering front yards when we pulled up. I wish I’d had the camera with me. One of them was pure white. She said that someone had dropped them off at her door some time back. The neighbors all feed them and they roost in one of her trees.

So I went straight to work when we got back. Planted the eighteen black turtle bean seeds I soaked overnight and then fixed up the asparagus bed. The stuff I read online said it is about impossible to start them from seed but it can be done. The soil requirements are particular and include wood ash and bone meal as well as manure. So I burned a pile of limbs and wood that I had been building up over the last six months last night and used some ashes from that along with both composted cow and the goat manure. I already have the bone meal as it’s instructions say it’s good for root development and flowering. Got it all done and planted the seeds. Took lots of care with this cause if it works I’ve got ten plus years of asparagus.

It is pretty hot out so I came in to lay in front of the fan for a while. Cherie is off working and will probably put a hundred miles on the car. I plan on running to Walmart in a while to get the drip feed irrigation stuff I need and a water thing for the puppies. Will write a check because mine will come in at midnight via direct deposit so it shouldn’t bounce.
I’m having a bad slowdown that started about a half hour ago. That would be 7:30 or so. This one comes with a bad headache. Am planting carrots, chives, and onions. The small skinny kind. Will keep going cause I hate quitting. Thinking a lot about Cherie’s concerns for her family.

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Peggy said...

Bob if you want to save money on the puppy shots you can purchase all the shots they need except rabies at a feed store or tractor supply. I give all the animals shots here and just record the number from the vaccine, the date and age. The shots the puppies got today would have been around $8.00