Monday, May 28, 2007


Now it’s today’s journal, what’s going on Monday the twenty eighth. We just looked at the tape Eric put on DVD for us and were bitterly disappointed at how little we had of Minnie Lee. I thought we had taken hours of video but it was only minutes. I know we had hours of conversation during our visits and so wish we had the wisdom and foresight to record it. I am sad. What a shame. How I loved her and love the stories and history she shared. So much passed with her. I could kick myself for this.

Steve will be over around three or so with the cabinet he is helping his friend build providing it goes as planned. I need to motivate myself after the disappointment of the video. Will check the garden and work on the living room, patching the holes and taping the corner before we paint.

I was out in the garden working off my depression regarding not having the video record of my grandmother I thought I had when I heard a rattling noise. Looking around I didn’t see anything so I continued. Then I heard it again and this time saw the snake as it moved off into the weeds. Must have been right on top of it. A good reason to chop more weeds down. I got the hoe and began carefully clearing the area the snake went into. Went and got the camera first so I could get a picture of it.

Janie called about then to let me know Steve wouldn’t be out today. They have the cabinet built but the guy can’t make it out to install it. That will be fine as it will give Cherie more breathing room to get things done. I had been upset because she didn’t make the banana nut bread I asked her to make for Steve and them when they came up. I was already pissy because of the video thing so was easily upset. I called her right away to let her know. Always feel bad when I’m an ass.

So I went back to chasing down this snake in the weeds. It took a while as I carefully chopped down the weeds, inching closer to the fence as I kept my eye out, ready to jump if it came after me. Finally I heard it’s warning rattle and saw it curled up behind some fencing. It still took a while for me to clear out more weeds so it was exposed enough for me to safely pin it with the hoe. So here it is. A small little snake, only about two feet long, but enough to cause some damage if it bit you.

I am tired and a bit depressed. Probably should take a nap. I’ll post this first.

There was a good size storm coming our way. I hoped we would get some rain out of it but the storm passed on both sides of us and we didn’t get a drop. I sat outside watching the awesome lightning show as I always love to do. As I watch the lightning run across the sky and understand each flash contains enough electricity to power a whole city for a significant amount of time it lets me know how small and insignificant we are in the scope of things. As powerful as this one storm is it is nothing when compared to other phenomenon on this planet, which in turn pale when put up against what is found in this solar system. Our entire solar system is as a grain of sand on the entire planet when compared to the galaxy we are in. So who are we to puff ourselves up and say “Look at me, I’m somebody”. No, I will just love the life I have and do the best I can with what I’ve got.

I chopped a lot of weeds down around the corn patch after almost stepping on the snake I couldn’t see despite it’s rattle. I had been pulling the weeds and that got to where I couldn’t keep up with it and aggravated the carpal tunnel thing so I now where the wrist brace. Pulling them by the roots works better but now I’ll just chop them down even though they come right back.

It’s 11:00 now and I am wide awake. Figures. I slept maybe two hours when I took the nap this afternoon. Tomorrow I take the truck in for it has a recall notice on several issues. They are all connected to the truck being from up north where salt is used on the roads for ice. Cherie will be working on her job so I’ll be here at the house all day. Course that’s pretty much the way it is everyday.

Time to call it a day so night all.


Eric said...

Bob, I was also a bit surprised that the video wasn't longer. If you think there's a chance I might have cut it off prematurely -- perhaps there was a gap in the recording that led me to believe it was the end when there was actually more to come -- please watch the tape again and compare it to the DVD. If I missed some of it, bring it back and I'll be happy to re-do the DVD.

Bob said...

No Eric, this is typical of the tricks my memory plays on me. It's a constant battle and one of the reasons I keep this journal. I'll double check but it's probably the way it is. I asked Cherie if there may be another tape somewhere but she knows of none.

Eric said...

OK, I'm sorry you didn't find the record you were hoping for. Perhaps what you do have will stimulate more memories, if not immediately, then over time.

On a lighter note, we too encountered a rattler today and I've documented that encounter over at the Gazette. Ours fared better than yours, but he also wasn't a threat to humans.

Jack's Shack said...

I have had more than a couple of encounters with rattle snakes. Always feel badly when I have to get rid of them, but family's safety is more important.

Bob said...

Yeah, I hate to kill them cause they keep the rats down among other good services. Just don't need them right there where Cherie and I walk.