Sunday, May 13, 2007


5/13/07 Sunday
This is one of the roughest mornings I have had in a while. So bad I had to have Cherie drive home from church. Back pain and migraine along with being real slow, a two or three on the bob scale. Right at the level I stutter. Right now it is hard to keep a train of thought long enough to write it. For that matter to talk without forgetting what I was saying. I get lost in mid sentence. Sun is awful bright so may not do much outside. Think I’ll have to close the blanket on the window to reduce the light. As always I hope this clears up soon.

Exceptionally rough. Was talking to Cherie about what to soak the flower seeds that should soak twenty four hours in and started tearing up. Had to fight to not start crying. This is just too strange and uncomfortable. Certainly not a time I will go out in public.

Pretty much lost a whole day. It wasn’t until about five that I was clearing up though I still had a problem with the wrong words coming out. I was talking to Cherie and when I went to say the word “belly” what came out was “butt”. This happens a lot during the slowdowns but I even do it on occasion when I am fairly lucid. Usually it can be funny but sometimes a bit embarrassing.

Cherie came home with some flowers that were on sale cause they are just about dead and a tomato plant. I got them all in the ground and hope they make it. So far I am still not doing good starting seeds in the flats though I feel it’s important to learn. If I had a grow light I think it would be better. I am pretty tired but I always am after these slowdowns and this was particularly bad. Wasn’t doing to well at the end of yesterday so I’ve lost more than a day this time.

Tomorrow Cherie goes to Abilene where she will take classes for two and a half days for her new job. I’ll be on my own again but not as long as when she went to Toledo. She leaves at nine in the morning. Hopefully I’ll be in good shape as I want to write about our visit with Janie at the skeet shoot fundraiser event at Windwalker (I think that’s the name) just haven’t been up to it last night or today. Need to E mail her and say thanks.

That’s it for today. I know it’s a short post for me but it’s been a long day. See ya tomorrow.


Janie said...

Oh, man. Get better soon. I hope all that noise out at the shoot didn't contribute.

Bob said...

Nah Janie. The noise doesn't bother me at all but unfamiliar places and lots of activity can make it hard. I don't think that had anything to do with todays event. Sometimes these just come out of the blue with no rhyme or reason.