Friday, May 04, 2007

Gonna get hot

5/4/07 Friday
Gotta get to work early. The Dipel dust biological insecticide should be put on early when there is a little dew on the plants as that helps it stick on. I also picked up a big bag of sulfur. There was a guy at Aldredge who was real helpful and went out of his way to get my question on how to apply the dust. Think his name is Bill. Great guy. We talked about my wreck and other things as well. It was he who told me about using the sulfur around borders of the garden to keep bugs from coming in. Love good advice.

So I’m doing great this morning. Woke up well rested and mentally sharp. It’s going to hit 91 or so degrees today, which is another reason to get out there early. See ya. Gonna scramble some eggs and get going.
It is frustrating to repeat the same mistake over again. I put the one remaining flat, the one I posted a picture of yesterday, out in the sun thinking it would be good for them to get a short burst of sunlight. I figured that I would just let it have maybe an hours worth of sun then pull it out. Now I know I have a short term memory problem and sometimes compensate for it through the methodologies taught me at the Brain Injury Institute in St Louis. I also know that common sense is often absent. I fried the flat. Maybe two or three of the plants will survive.

Been out planting more corn. Seem to be able to handle that OK. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference having fertilizer, compost, and the bone meal will make. I only put the bone meal on one type of corn and mixed it with fertilizer and compost with another. This I am keeping notes on. It will help me learn what works and what doesn’t.

With that finished I have returned to looking at the seeds we have and trying to decide what to put where as well as what needs to be started indoors or planted directly outside. Unfortunately I have to go over the same territory I’ve already traveled several times. Just like when I try to read a book I have to start over every time I pick it up because I don’t remember what it said I must do the same with what I studied on the seeds. Need to take notes I can refer too.

It’s 1:00 now so I need to fix something to eat. Best do it now before I forget again.
Looked in the fridge and found the rice and bean mix I had gotten from the church dinner last week and some rice and chicken I had made who knows when. The fridge, despite me turning the thermostat as warm as it will go, still will freeze the ice tea but slowly. I would guess the temp is just barely freezing cause the eggs haven’t frozen. With this in mind I trust the food is still good despite maybe being old. So I mixed the two together adding some Lowry’s season salt and Worcestershire sauce. Stayed with it this time so I wouldn’t again burn the food. So I ate.

Had to take another pain pill. Took one this morning cause I woke up with back pain and working on the garden didn’t help none. I checked my E mail, hoping to hear from pastor, and see that I got my monthly newsletter from LA Publishing They’re the firm that specializes in material related to traumatic brain injuries. The parent firm is Lash and Associates. I have a link to them on my links list to the right or you can click on the name here. You oughta just go and look at the things they have. These are materials designed for caregivers, parents, and educators to help them understand and work with TBI survivors. Just perusing the titles of these programs and books will give you an idea of what our issues can be. I am continually trying to get others to understand but with little luck. Some have said that I use my brain injury as an excuse to do or say things, to justify being obnoxious or whatever it is. That was up in Toledo. It’s not an excuse but an explanation. The key in these things is communication, to talk things out and help the survivor to understand what he/she is doing. All of these programs are for working with survivors, not watching from a distance and judging based on standards that aren’t fair to apply. I’ll shut up now.

No I won't. Please go to the Survivors Forum at LA's site to read of what many of us have experienced.

It’s the end of a day. I got the chainsaw and ladder out and attacked one of the mulberry trees in the front yard. Started out with the tree pruner I bought yesterday but chipped a tooth off it right away. Took it back and exchanged it about 8:00 or so. You can tell it’s Friday cause folks are driving nuts. On the way into Midland a pick up veered off the highway. At first I thought he did it on purpose as I’ve seen lots of folks make their own exits off the highway out here. But he kept going without slowing down right into the field running over a few of the mesquite bushes that were about as tall as the truck. Then the guy drifted to a stop. I slowed down and was going to turn around to see if he was alright but another pick up was already doing that so I went on to Midland. On top of that I had two birds fly into the truck. I guess it’s Friday for everyone.

Coming home I turned on the TV. It never fails to amaze me the commercials companies make designed to sell their products. This one I just have to comment on. It opens with a Zoo guy who was caring for an elephant. The guy has a cold and keeps sneezing. So far so good. The elephant obviously cares about his keeper. The dummy had his credit card out while he washed the elephant so when he sneezes his way off stage the elephant picks it up with it’s trunk. OK, so now what. Said elephant saunters his way out of the zoo and walks to a city that is obviously about fifty miles away. Yeah, dumb and unrealistic but that’s OK. Most of this stuff is made at a third grade level anyway.

But now it gets sad. The commercial is to advertise the new credit cards that can be waved in front of a machine that reads them. So this elephant goes on a shopping spree with the credit card it stole. Not one clerk questioned why this elephant had a credit card, no id’s were checked, nothing. Now that’s a credit card to look forward too. Of course every crook in the country is looking forward to it also. Yeah, this commercial convinced me alright. Convinced me I don’t want it.

The best end of a day is to talk with Cherie. She’s doing better and things are progressing towards getting both parents in a home. Come to find out it’s one I did a marketing program for maybe eight years ago. Great place, small world. When Cherie started to tell me about it the memories of the place came back as memories often do with triggers. I started telling Cherie about some of the selling points and services they offer. Go figure. So things are looking good in that area. There is still a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Mostly getting the finances under control. It won’t all be settled before Cherie has to come home and that’s a shame. But things are set in motion so it looks good.

It’s 11:00 and I’m wide awake. Think I’ll look at what I will plant where and how. Some of the seeds actually need to be put in the refrigerator to get them to germinate. Some have to be “bottom fed”. That’s where I pour the water into the flat so it soaks up from the bottom. I’ve got a lot of this stuff downloaded now so that should help me figure things out.

Night all.

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