Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A better start

5/22/07 Tuesday
It’s starting out better today. I’ve got to get used to the carpal tunnel wrist brace but it sure does help reduce the pain simply by keeping my wrist straight. Just wearing it on the right wrist as that’s the one that hurts bad. Will wait and see how the left side does. I suspect I’ll start using the left hand more now.

There’s been a post or perhaps you’d call it an essay, I’ve been meaning to write for a few days now. Perhaps I’ll get to it today but right now it’s already 11:00 so I need to get motivated.
It’s been a good run today. Ran well till a little after 4:00 when this headache kicked in. That has me sidelined for the time being. It’s one of the close the blinds and lay down ones. Hope it passes soon. At least I got some stuff done but writing the “Proud tradition” essay is something I am particularly glad to have accomplished. That theme’s been running through my mind for a few days now. Took advantage of being clear headed to get it down on paper, or I suppose I should say computer.

Cherie fixed a great dinner made even better by the fact we just ate our first produce from the garden. That is some Butterhead lettuce. I should have had this garden planted long ago and could have been eating from it for months now but I do the best I can with what I’ve got. Besides that this is a learning year. Next year will be better. Think I’ll take nap. Cherie is laying down as well but she’s been working hard.


ByronB said...

That's tough about the carpal tunnel syndrome - my wife had a bout of that when she did a lot of knitting, and resting her wrist seemed to be the only cure.
Yet another challenge for you!

Bob said...

I'd be bored without challenges. This is more of an inconvenience than a challenge. Guess I had it for a while, just ignored it till I couldn't anymore. Hey, I love the color on the cartoons on your blog. Folks, go check out the "Oddities and Endities" link on the right. Always something good.