Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It'll be a long day

5/23/07 Wednesday
It’s going to be a day. I probably won’t post a whole lot because I am preparing a post about traumatic brain injury. Part of the reason for this blog is to raise awareness of the issues that come with a brain injury which include the social problems that are common with many of us survivors. I haven’t done a good job of that, at least not locally with those I try to interact with. When it gets done the post will have quotes and links to medical, scientific, and other places that discuss these problems. I hope some, who don’t seem to have tried to understand, will take the effort to read the post when I get it done. Not just for me but for the 5.3 million recognized TBI’s from a survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control. (I’ll have to check to see if I got the name right) Also for the many soldiers who are coming home with this injury, rated as the number one injury sustained in Iraq. God I hope folks take the time to understand so others won’t have to go through what I have. It will be a long post when I get it done. Till then I have work to do.
I went into Midland to get some sandpaper for the walls in the living room. I really don’t know if I need to sand them before I paint but I am. They are textured but there are lots of cracks where the drywall joints are. In particular the corner is separating pretty badly. When I use the drywall patch stuff on those spots it will be smooth in the middle of the texture. So I am sanding the walls.

Anyway, I was slow when I left so Cherie asked if she should go with me cause she knows how hard it can be for me and is protective. I said “No” cause I know exactly what I am going to get so it shouldn’t be a problem. I need 5” discs for the random orbital sander but also wanted to get 7” sanding discs for the sander/polisher I got at Harbor Freight. Stopped at Walfart first but they don’t have the 7” discs with the hook and loop backing. Next stop was Lowe’s. No 7” discs there. They all have the five inchers I need but I figured I’d get them wherever I found the sevens. Home Depot was next. No 7 inchers there either so I looked through all the different kinds of five inch disks and picked out what I thought would be the best deal. Things were getting pretty hard to do by this time and mentally sorting through a wide variety of choices got overwhelming.

Getting out to the truck with the disks I decided to run to Ace Hardware in case they have the 7” discs. On the way I looked at what I bought at Home Depot and saw they wouldn’t fit on my sander. Instead of the hook and loop backing they were adhesive. Crap. I went ahead and went to Ace Hardware. They also do not carry the 7” disks. I think I’ll have to order them from Harbor Freight. So I bought the correct type of 5” disc and went back to Home Depot to return the other ones.

It was a short trip gone long. I’m pretty worn right now so will need to lay down a bit. Limping real bad and got a headache coming on. Plus I am tired or fatigued to use the medical term. Can’t believe it’s already 4:00. Where did this day go?
Got a second wind and busted my ass on sanding the room. I really don't know what I'm doing but at least I'm doing something.

Then I worked on the garden. The mosquitoes are out in clouds when the sun starts getting low. Pretty vicious too. Cherie bought some repellant that I used. Stuff stinks to high heaven. I made miniature greenhouses over where I planted the fennel seed. Just covered it with some plastic sheet I picked up off the side of the highway. It had evidently blown off some truck where it probably was covering something. Don’t know but I can use it so spun around and gathered it up.

Cherie has been fighting depression. I am sure I don’t help that with what I do on this blog. I’m tired. Never got much done on the post about brain injury.

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