Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lots of dreams

5/3/07 Thursday
Slept restlessly, lots of dreams. Woke up at 4:00 and Carman kitty thought that was his signal to start demanding attention. As I tried to burrow deeper under the covers because it got cold he purred, licked my nose, and crawled on top of my head. Despite that I fell back asleep. Just woke up at 7:00. Fed kitty (like he gave me a choice) and got the coffee on. A little foggy now but am still waking up. Not one of those snap awake kind of mornings.

Not sure what I am to do this morning. I know I have to get a dust sprayer or whatever is needed for the Dipel dust insecticide. I plan on getting more of the goat droppings but may wait till it dries simply to reduce the weight. That last batch still hurts. I planted another bed of corn but have to finish digging the other three I started. I also need to start digging where I am thinking the tomatoes and peppers will go. Would love to have a tiller, that would speed things up, but at the same time I’ve got all that space Leroy tilled with his tractor for me. Deciding what will go where is a problem for me. Has been a struggle for the last two months or however long it’s been. I can dig and prepare but making simple decisions is a challenge.

Looks like I’ll have to start the day with a pain pill. Don’t know what I did but the back is definitely letting me know it’s there. Better take it and my regular meds now before I forget.
Thought I’d take a picture of some of my gardening trials. This is the one starter flat I’ve gotten going. The previous two were totally unsuccessful, I think having old seeds and really poor soil had a hand in that but my general incompetence certainly finished off anything that managed to sprout. It’s tight on this one as well. With this new dirt I gleaned from Aldredge I have higher hopes of success. As in all things time will tell. The lettuces also failed to come up with the exception of two. That’s not a surprise as it needs cold soil to sprout.

Been meaning to E-mail pastor Dave and been forgetting as is often the case. Just want to stay in touch and get feedback on how I am doing as far as learning to get along. Think I’m doing better but when your memories aren’t clear it is hard to be sure.
It’s been a long day and I am worn out. Cherie called while I was out pulling weeds. Always good to hear her voice. Because she will be coming back Monday it is rush time up there. So much to do and not enough time. Her other sister, Connie, will be coming up tomorrow. Wish I could tell you what’s going on but really can’t. Maybe when it all plays out I will. I told Cherie I admired her and that she was a strong woman to take these things on. She will have to go back up there later to help finish getting mom and dad settled in a new and safe place where they can be well cared for in the twilight years of their lives.

That’s it for today folks. Sleep well and come back tomorrow.

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