Friday, May 11, 2007

Gonna pull lots of weeds today

5/11/07 Friday
Cherie called at three this morning. I was wide awake. She said she would come by today. In our short conversation she asked if I still loved her. I told her I never stopped loving her and never would. She asked why I was tearing the family apart and I said it was already torn apart and had been for years. I explained again that I will continue to fight for her parents to be placed in a safe place appropriate for their age and physical condition or to make sure their home will not remain the nasty hole it had become. My goal was and is for all three sisters to work together with that goal in mind. To allow things to remain the same makes us responsible for anything that may happen. Regardless there is no question that they will eventually have to go someplace like West Park no matter what. So why wait till the last desperate minute when the only choice may be something much less attractive, one of the nursing homes with a reputation or history of abuse?

I think I’m going to pull a lot of weeds today. Skittles hasn’t shown up in five going on six days now so there is a good chance he was coyote food.

I went looking for the source of the leak we had during the rain storm. Lots of places that could be the source and it could well be all of them. The siding on this house is pretty old as you can see and there are chunks coming off. I don't have a clue how to fix this. Will gladly accept advice from any of y'all.
This is typical for all the windows in the house. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this or not. Frankly I'm pretty ignorant of this kind of stuff. I do know that the windows all need to be replaced. One on the other side of the house has a hole where it rotted all the way outside from the evaporative cooler that once was there. The roof above the window shown sags and that doesn't bode well.

Pretty tired because I didn't sleep last night. The pain level is high today and most of it's centered on my lower back. Took three of the pain pills so I could keep moving and get stuff done.

The number of readers of this blog today is the highest it's ever been. I think I will call it a night.


Peggy said...

Bob, I agree that Cherie's family need help. I agree in what you are trying to do help. What I don't agree with is posting about it. Its very embarrassing to Cherie, it only intensifies the situation, and its not going to help solve the problem. I enjoy reading what you and Cherie are doing with your land and home. I understand and say prayers for both of you when things are rough. When I read yesterday's post and today's my heart went out to Cherie. How she is feeling having the families dirty laundry aired for the world to see. The world can't help with this problem. Why not write or call the agencies or people who can help? Think of your wife first. She should be first and formost in your mind when you do or say anything especially involving her family. Sending prayers up,

Bob said...

Your right. I'm taking it off but calling agencies is what they are resisting because they know what will happen when the agencies see what is going on.

Christine ( said...

Hi Bob,
I just found your blog as I was clicking through. I'm a fellow Texan and we also have aging and needy in-laws in common. I've known my wonderful in-laws since I was 15 and it's been difficult to watch their decline from extremely active outdoor adventurers (they effortlessly hiked the Grand Canyon in their mid-sixties carrying 40 lb backpacks and were white water canoing well into their 70's). Now both in their mid-eighties)they both are strong physically, but suffer from dementia and Alzheimer. Although they still recognize family they were unable to live in the home they filled with love and memories and we had to place them in an assisted living facility. Even given the deplorable condition of the home, it was a difficult and heartbreaking decision to make.
I certainly don't feel you've aired the family's dirty laundry. Cherie is obviously a loving daughter and will make the right decision. You are obviously a caring and compassionate husband and son-in-law--and I can't imagine anyone being embarrassed to have such a person in their life.
It's been good for me to read your experience as you go through this.
I'm going to bookmark your blog and am eager to see the situation improve.
ALSO, your land looks beautiful!

Bob said...

Hi Christine, welcome to our world. Pull up a chair and join the growing family here. I often seem to ruffle feathers but my motives are right. It's not what you do but why you do it that matters.

Anonymous said...

Bob love your logic. Next time your in Toledo lets have a cold one at dolly and joes. I shall remain anonymous as i do not need 5 gallons of piss in my gas tank. ps the garden looks good

Bob said...

Don't know when I'll make it up there but when I do Dolly and Joe's sounds great. So how would I get a hold of you? Ahh, you'll know when I come up from the blog. Still you can E mail me at

Amy E said...

Bob, regarding the windows...this is what we did when we first moved in....sanded around all the windows removed all old caulk. Used expanding foam insulation to fill in all major holes and large cracks. Saned insualtin flush with house. Don't leave dried, oozing insulation. Then, caulked along that with an all weather caulking, inside and out. Worked for a couple of years until we could afford to start replacing wood, etc.

Bob said...

Good, practical, economical advice. What more could a man ask for? OK, a million dollars but down here in the real world this is good stuff. Thanks Amy.