Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nice outside, foggy in.

5/16/07 Wednesday
Groggy this morning and didn’t fully wake up till after 8:00 despite Carman kitty’s trying to let me know it was time to feed him. Running a bit slow, a five on the bob scale, but I’m still working on getting my blood flowing through these veins. Got a pot of Bob coffee made. Wish I had a bunch of straws I could connect together so I could suck in my coffee that is on the dresser as I lay in bed watching the news. Jerry Falwell died yesterday. It will be interesting to see the reactions of the many different groups he has impacted. Some love him and some hate him.

Damn cup of coffee is four feet away so excuse me while I get out from under these covers to get some more of that legal drug (caffeine) that hopefully will give my ass a kick and gets me moving. This is so different from the last few mornings when I was up and moving at six and dived right into things with enthusiasm. I remember when almost every day was like that before the accident.

The muscles in my body attest to the fact I’ve been working hard for two days. Actually I like to feel this soreness because, just like lifting weights in the gym, it is a sign that these muscles got the exercise they need and will be getting stronger. The deeper pain in the bones of my back and joints of my fingers are another thing. Went ahead and took half of a pain pill. I’m pretty sure Cherie will come home today so want to wash the dishes and clean up a bit. I think she will be happy to see the flower bed I made under the window. I had her draw a map of what flowers she wants planted where. I got most of that done though I did put the wrong seeds in one spot yesterday when I was a bit slow.

Not sure what I will do today but will figure that out when this brain starts clearing up. It’s already 9:00 so I need to force myself up, fix breakfast, and get to work. I think it’s pretty much a fact that Skittles is no longer as there has been no sign of him for going on two weeks. This can be hard country on pets or anything small. When we eventually get chickens there is no doubt that there must be a strong secure henhouse and run for them. Even when we let them free range during the day we must worry about the hawks that constantly patrol this area. I would like to get a dog with a Sheppard blood line that has natural instincts to protect and herd animals but even it would need a secure area to bed down in at night.

Time to motivate myself.

Something I did yesterday as I removed a comment I found improper took the whole comment thing off so no one could place a comment. Worked to fix it a long time last night and never could. I think I did this before but don’t remember how I fixed it.

I may be a bit foggy but still much sharper than last night. Only took a few minutes to fix yesterday's comment thing
It’s been raining for a couple of hours now. I was able to go pick up some more rocks at Bud Glassman’s property. Was able to get more than last time cause I took a five gallon bucket which I was able to partly fill (Full was too heavy) and carry to the truck saving me the time it took to toss rocks into the truck one or three at a time. Sure I back the truck to within five feet of the pile but bending over for each rock was murder.

Getting home I backed the truck to where I am going to use some of the rocks and it started raining. Came in and fixed a couple of fried egg sandwiches so I at least ate something today. I checked the bowl we kept Skittle’s food in outside in the garage and it is empty. Either he is back and keeping out of sight or some other creature discovered it. Haven’t heard from Cherie so will give her a call. Didn’t call earlier cause I know she has class. It’s after 2:00 now so I’ll risk it. Yep, she answered and is on the way home. Said she should be here in an hour and a half. I told her it is raining but not real bad. Also let her know she has a big hug and kiss waiting and that I will fix dinner tonight.
My baby’s back. She is tired and excited but mostly glad to be home. There is much she must do to prepare to go to work. I think she starts tomorrow. I’ll help where I can but am limited because of the confidentiality agreement that is a part of her job. That’s fine cause I’ve got plenty to do around here.

Am running sharper by the way. Speaking of that, in a roundabout way, I have been asked to participate in a study by Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. It is a study for those with traumatic brain injuries and multiple sclerosis who have cognitive impairments. Part of cognitive impairments involve how the brain interprets words by the way. So it’s a three month study and I am happy to have been chosen or asked, whichever it is. Glad to do anything that will help anyone.

When Cherie came home she said “Something smells in here” from the bathroom. I hadn’t noticed it before but now that she mentioned it I can. I think that because of all the rain we have been having the cesspool/septic whatever we have is backing or filling up and the odor is coming from the bathtub drain. That’s the only drain that doesn’t have a gas trap (The U shaped pipe you see under the sink drain) on it. I put a plug on the drain and that seems to have helped. This whole part of the country is not at all used to this much rain.

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Janie said...

Welcome home again, Cherie! Bob, hope your Bob scale comes up again..