Monday, May 14, 2007

The rest of the day

This has been a fantastic day. I’ve been clear headed and full of energy. Worked all day long and loved every minute of it. Just wish it didn’t get dark so I could keep getting things done. Oh well, some things you just can’t control. I think I will use this time to finish one or two of the bible studies I started. It’d be great to finish at least one thing I started.

I went to the landfill to dump the garbage and came back with more stuff than I dropped off. I tend to do that. I always look around to see if there is anything I can use and usually find something. This time I got about four lengths of water hose. I have been thinking about how to put in the drip feed watering system I had bought and realized I need some lengths of garden hose in order not to water the ground in between the hills I have the squash and melons growing on. So I go to the dump and see all kinds of hose. Yeah, they are in bad shape but I only need short sections and they will be covered with dirt so won’t be really stressed. I’ll have to get something to join them together with the drip hose. Should be cool.

The other thing I picked up, besides a couple of buckets I’ll cut the bottoms out of to put around plants protecting them from the wind, is several pieces of wire fencing or something I’m not sure what to call. This stuff I will use to make tomato cages and the heavier stuff will be trellises for beans or anything else that needs that kind of support. Hey, the price is right and a little Yankee ingenuity (I’m from Ohio, remember?) goes a long way.

After going shopping at the garbage dump I went and picked up the mail. I saw Peggy just as I was driving off and waved. Then, when I got out on the street I thought, “I should have stopped and talked to her”. It was too late. I hope she doesn’t think I was rude or something. Just didn’t think fast enough.

I came home and unloaded the truck. Then went to Bud Glassman’s land to pick up a bunch of rocks I had seen piled up when I checked out the mesquite he said I could cut. I’ll use these for the flower beds and whatever else comes up. Spent a couple of hours setting them on the edges of the front walk. That will help it drain better.

Did lots of other stuff I can’t recall now. Cherie called to let me know how she was doing. She said I should have come up with her cause her room was so nice. I guess it normally goes for two hundred bucks a night. She said it was as big as our apartment in Toledo was. Too bad I have to take care of Carman kitty and have so much to do or I would have been glad to jump in the truck and head up there.

That’s it for tonight. See ya tomorrow.

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