Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another day, another blessing

6/24/07 Sunday
Cherie woke up with a painful Charlie horse at four this morning. I did my best to massage it out. These are sometimes a sign of a lack of certain vitamins I think. We really need to work on getting in shape and eating healthy. The garden is a start for eating healthy but the only thing I’ve managed to grow to fruition so far is squash.

As I was writing that it dawned on me that I had forgotten to turn off the drip feed irrigation on the beans. It has run all night long. I grabbed a flashlight and ran out to turn it off. It’s 5:32 this morning. The puppies got us up a half hour ago. When it gets daylight out I’ll go see just how flooded it is. It’s a typical short term memory issue. There were times in Toledo I would run dishwater and forget. Coming back in the kitchen I would find that the water had long since filled the sink and flooded the kitchen. We bought a plastic bin after that so when I forgot it would just spill over and go down the drain. Not sure how I can compensate for doing things like remembering to turn off the water here.

I went out with the puppies and, grabbing the hoe, went to work. Chopped lots of weeds in the front including this area where the weeds were waist high to the road. This way Cherie can get in the truck without me having to pull up. It also makes the landscaping I did around the mailbox visible. I think you call it landscaping. It’s red mulch and a rock border.

After that I decided it was time to wash my hair so I grabbed a towel and washcloth, along with the shampoo and set up where I usually do behind the truck with the water hose. If I lay the hose in the sun I have hot water. It is too early in the morning for it to get hot but that’s no big deal as it’s nice out. I’m going to shave now and finish taking the bath inside. It’ll be the standard alcohol on a wash cloth stand uppy we always take. This might sound rustic to many of you but we’ve been doing this for nine months. It was a lot harder on Cherie than me. We will be getting hot water soon thanks to Steve and Janie.

It’s time to go to get ready for church.
It’s been a great day. A productive day. I had lots to write but am having a doozy of a partial seizure. Down to a three or worse on the bob scale. Probably worse. Here’s some pictures. I’ll write later. At this level walking is hard and I stare at the wall while I figure out what to do. No sense trying to write now. I’ll ask Cherie if she will write something.

Two butts

First sunflower


Tricia said...

There's something that sounds so relaxing & refreshing about the thought of washing my hair outside with the garden hose. I just might try it, but I think my neighbors would think I'd lost my mind! But then again, they'd probably be right-on.

You, sir, live a charmed life.

Amy E said...

Bob, it's not as uncommon as you may think to bathe outside..I bathe my kids outside often during the summer months. I have a galvanized metal tub that I fill, and set out in the sun. The kids bathe in the back yard and think it's great fun! Their favorite way to bathe outside is to run the hose on the trampoline, and squeeze dish soap on the trampoline, and the slip and slide in the suds. I then rinse them with the hose, and "boom" they are clean! LOL

Hope Cherie gets to feeling better.