Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The rest of yesterday

It's 12:30 in the morning and I am just getting around to finishing this up so here is the rest of tuesday's entry

Jimmy Patterson just called. He will be coming over at 10:30 tomorrow. I just called Cherie, who is on her way to Midland, to let her know. That way I won’t forget. Had to reboot this computer cause it was tying up. I was trying to log onto the Mt. Sinai website for the traumatic brain injury study I have been asked to participate in. I can feel a slowdown coming as I sometimes can. Hope it’s an easy one.
It was a real short slow down as they can sometimes be. Only lasted a few minutes. After that I loaded the old air conditioner we had removed in order to install the new evaporative unit Steve and Janie bought for us, in the truck. I also put the three water bottles that needed to be refilled in. Then it was off to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore where I donated the air conditioner. I checked to see if they had any refrigerators or a breaker box but they didn’t. Knowing Cherie was in town getting her hair cut I gave her a call to see if she was done and wanted to go to Rosa’s for their taco Tuesday special we like. She was just walking out the door and was enthused about her haircut and going to Rosa’s.

She was waiting in her car when I pulled in. The first thing I noticed wasn’t her new haircut but the big smile on her face and the bounce in her step as she came towards me. Oh the haircut looks great but the effect it has on Cherie was even better. What a glow she has. Then came the surprise part. I am having Cherie write about this so will wait to see what she puts down before saying more.

Just as I thought she wrote it well and her words say more than mine could so heeerre’s Cherie.

Cherie's Hairy day
I totally did the hair thing today. I’d been thinking about it for a while and it got to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore – it just wouldn’t do anything except sit there on my head and be a mess. I asked one of my sisterfriends for some advice – and Ms. Janie suggested a couple of her favorite people for hair and trusting her judgment I called and made an appointment. Celeste at Traci’s in Midland was delightful, efficient and she thought I had a pretty thick accent!

That always catches me off guard and I find it funny, because I don’t think I have one. I keep trying to adapt to the vocal nuances of my new homeland, but fail miserably. I’m from the Midwest/Great Lakes area and will probably always sound like it. Besides when I try to talk “southern”, I seem to get the first half of a sentence sounding right, but then there’s some kind of glitch and that northern tone kicks in and I’m done. Actually, I have been referred to as a “Yankee”, which for some odd reason is hilarious. I don’t know what that means, or if it’s meant to be mean or if it’s a cultural thing so I just laugh. Oh well. I think I would prefer “Buckeye Rose”. Maybe not.

OK - back to my hair story – Celeste started cutting and we discussed what I wanted, which was basically “wash n’ wear” hair. She cut it a bit, messed with it, thinned it, and cut some more. I have a lot of hair and it was everywhere. We discussed style and color and I told her of my exploits in the land of “do-it-yourself” hair color. When I asked how much it would cost, she replied “Well, we’ll would sit down and discuss it”. WHAT?!? I didn’t say anything – what was there to discuss – I could either afford it or not.

Now I was wondering how much the cut would be and was getting concerned. I budgeted about $70 for the cut, hoping it wouldn’t be over $85.00 (which I’ve paid before). She finally gave in and told me if I decided to go with color, and seeing all the gray roots it was a no-brainer, that Ms. Janie would cover the cost – all I had to do was pay for the cut, which I still wasn’t sure about. Truthfully, Celeste did have a pricelist on her table, but I had my contacts in (vanity defense here), and couldn’t see it enough to read it! Figures. While I was under the hairdryer, Celeste gave me a choice of magazines and I choose an art one, knowing I could just look at the pictures. As usual, I was amazed at the generosity I had been receiving, and wondering what I could do to return such a favor and Celeste said it’s because of Jesus and I can’t. She may be right. When we were just about done, Celeste had to finish quickly as she had to go pick up one of her kids, and she was apologetic as she didn’t have time to style my new ‘do. That was fine with me as I prefer to do it myself anyway. Then she leaned down and said “You don’t have to worry about paying - Janie took care of you for today. And then I’m sitting there in that chair - fighting back the tears – AGAIN! So I got up thanked her, and left. Bob had called and as I left we made plans to meet up at Rosa ’s for “Taco Tuesday”. YUMMMMM.

There is a big round clock on the wall in Traci’s Salon with a scripture plaque above it. It’s from Psalm 138:8 – “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love Oh Lord, endures forever, do not abandon the works of your hands.” Now, when I looked this up in my bible, this was underlined with a date next to it – 9/12/97. I was living in Phoenix, Arizona then.........hummmmm

That’s all folks. Tomorrow will be a busy day so I’ll probably not get to post much till later but you never know with me.


Tricia said...

Cherie, you look lovely! But here's the question...was that smile on your face afterwards from getting your hair cut, or from the wonderful example of love and friendship it turned out to be? Perhaps a little of both...

The accent thing...I've got the reverse up here in Michigan! My Texas accent can make itself obscure sometimes, but likes to pop out whenever I've had a beer or two, and always when I'm talking baby talk to my Itty Bitty. (I always tell him, "OK, let's go change your britches!") And my accent's always quite prominent for the next few days after I get back from spending time at home.

Y'all must stop torturing me with talk of Rosa's!

Eric said...

I like your new 'do, Cherie! It really suits your face.

But don't worry about the Yankee thing; it's applied as a term of endearment to folks we know and love. ;-)

That Janie is something else, huh?