Monday, June 18, 2007

Up at sunrise

6/18/07 Monday
Up at sunrise again. I like it and see it as a good habit to get into. Like we have a choice with these two growing puppies. It is also good for it gets me out in the garden early while it is still cool. The temperatures are going to be approaching triple digits today, maybe 98 degrees and summer solstice is Thursday or thereabouts. It’s summer time. We are so grateful for the loving gift of the evaporative air conditioner from Janie and the two Steve’s, Jib and Jab. That reminds me I need to call Jab and see if he is ready for me to help him learn how to do some computer stuff. Not sure I can but am sure I want to try.

So I replanted the black eye peas that didn’t come up or were eaten. That was about a third of what I planted before. Also put more rocks on the black plastic I laid out with the hope of killing the crab grass. The wind had already tore some of it loose.

It appears that I have killed and damaged a bunch of my corn with the soap insecticide mix. The bottom joints got mushy and…well died or are thinking hard about it. I read online or in the Mother Earth News that some soaps will do that. There’s a chance I read about this before I mixed the batch but forgot as I do so much. It is always frustrating.

So that’s all I can think to write this morning. Not doing too bad though I didn’t get to sleep till two this morning. Wide awake I started my Balaam’s ass blog. Don’t have any posts yet but got it all set up. I’ve been meaning to do this for a year or more but am just now getting going. Nothing unusual with that and I will have to push to complete this project or it will join the many other things I start and don’t finish.

Time to get moving. We’ll put a second coat of paint in the living room and move the furniture over to start another section.
Never got the painting done. It got up to 102 degrees today so working out in the garden took it’s toll. I did get the windows masked off.

Pretty tired right now so will call it a night. Looked at Mapstats and there have been over 1900 pages read on this blog over the last four hours. Someone or some people are seriously digging into this journal. Naturally I am curious who it is. There are only 1394 pages in the journal on this laptop and it goes back a few years more than what I published in the blog.

Night folks. Have a good one and I’ll see ya tomorrow.


Janie said...

Y'all have done more renovation in 5 months than we have done in 4 years. Wanna come paint our house when you're done? Little Brother #1 suggested we might want to put the switchplates on sometime in the near future.

Bob said...

We're pretty motivated. Some of the work needed to be done to make the place livable but mostly this is our first home ever. Paint your house when we're done? That might be a while at the speed I move but would be glad to do it.

Eric said...

Don't know exactly how Mapstats handles them, but that high page count could be attributed to a search engine 'bot spidering your site to add the content to its database.

Some stats services filter those hits out and some don't. It seems sort of suspicious to have every page of your site read in one evening. Not saying it can't happen, but it sniffs of a robot instead of human eyes.

Bob said...

Yeah, page count is high today as well so something's up. Thanks for the insight cause it sure had me wondering.