Thursday, June 07, 2007

Got up early

6/7/07 Thursday
It’s 2:00 already. Got up early and fixed breakfast for Cherie. When we were in Toledo I was pretty much the house husband and did the cooking and cleaning. I kinda miss doing that. Anyway, Cherie is working this job so I thought I would fix a nice breakfast to help her get moving. I did the grocery shopping yesterday when I was in Midland and picked up the DVD’s from Eric. I picked up some of the biscuits in a can you can bake and fixins for making omelets.

It was good as I am a fair cook. Fact is I taught Cherie much of what she knows when it comes to cooking. I always cook too much as I was used to cooking for the other wife and her two growing kids. So Cherie was stuffed.

I’ve been out working on the garden all day. Planted the flowers Cherie wanted in the front beds and started whittling down the ends of garden hoses. In order to put in the drip feed irrigation I picked up a variety of old garden hose at the landfill. Most of them are too big to fit in the connectors but one size seemed to be just right but a little loose. I put silicone caulk on them with the hope that would seal everything up. Nope. Despite carefully keeping the water turned low one of the hoses blew out of the connector yesterday. Thus I watered the path between rows for a couple of hours till I went back there to turn the system off. So what I am doing is taking my razor knife and carefully removing about a sixteenth of an inch of material off the end of the bigger hoses in order to create a tight fit.

We couldn’t go online this morning. No matter what we tried the PC aircard would show a message saying the password was invalid. I tried calling Alltel’s customer service for an hour or two without getting through so I finally called the office we bought the aircard at. Still got the “If you’re calling for ------ press 3” and ended up back on the “All our representatives are busy now. Please wait and your call will be answered whenever someone feels like it” hold. This was an improvement on the other calls I made for with them it was just silence. This time I got to listen to something called music. I think that’s what it’s called but I am sure there are other names for it. I put the phone on speaker and went back to doing something constructive.

Someone came on the line fortunately just before I was going to hit the bathroom. Otherwise I would be angrily throwing toilette paper rolls out the bathroom door at the phone. It seems that Alltel’s internet system had gone down on a national level so it’s no wonder getting a hold of customer service was so hard. It was comforting to know that in a way cause my mind was conjuring up ideas that someone had hacked in our account and changed the passwords or equally ridiculous scenarios. It was cleared up about an hour later so we’re good to go now.

I came in when Cherie came out to tell me she had fixed lunch. It is great to come into a house that is nice and cool. It is great to have friends who are people of compassion, who are friends in deed not just in words. I know it might get a little…there’s a word for it but I can’t think of it now but basically you might get tired of hearing me talk about this all the time. I really don’t care cause I write what’s on my heart and right now I am feeling pretty grateful.

I’m gonna get this posted and get back to work outside. Kind of tired as I usually am at this time of day but I didn’t water the squash last night and saw it is hurting pretty bad from the lack of water. I need to start getting the mulch I bought around the plants as that will go a long way in preserving the water and keeping the soil temperature down.
I worked hard today. Slowed down a lot since 6:00. We went to Sonic for the free root beer float special they had tonight. Cherie had to drive cause I wasn’t up to it. That’s all I’m going to write. Slowdowns drain me so time to sleep.

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