Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grey morning

6/12/07 Tuesday
It is a grey morning with a steady flow of light rain coming down. That will be good for the seeds I planted yesterday but won’t help the farmers who need to get in their fields. When I was taking Cherie to meet farmers for the survey there were acres of land still underwater.

Yesterday we gave the pups their first baths. You would have thought we were murdering them from the wails they made. We mostly wanted to reduce the flea population as they are not old enough for the flea powders that we were able to find. This morning they were out in the rain to do their morning duties. Rascal was right out in it without hesitation but Trixie pussyfooter her way into the drizzle. Once there she was fine. They’ve been rolling in the mud so we will have to towel that off when they come in.

The fridge has been getting worse as far as it freezing things in the keep cool part goes. When Cherie went to make eggs for breakfast they were all frozen. I finally took the thermostat control off to look at it. There is something rattling loose inside so odds are it’s toast. I went online earlier and saw them running about $90.00. Whoa, that’s steep. I’ll do some more looking around now that I have the part out and have the part number. Perhaps I can find something used or some other kind of solution. Habitat for Humanities Restore has lots of appliance stuff though I doubt fridge thermostats will be there. We could probably buy a used fridge for the price of a thermostat.

Cherie will go to Midland today. She will be getting her hair cut at 1:00 or so but will do some shopping and perhaps laundry first. This will be a good day for me to do some patch work in the living room. I also have been thinking about breaking my wood carving tools out and getting back into that love that has laid dormant for nearly a year now. The ten commandments plaques I was making for someone at the Cedar Creek church remain unfinished. I lost my inspiration when we were rejected so soundly by this church where we were married and had been excited to be involved with. I suppose this is a factor in our sensitivity concerning the first church of Stanton. Where is this “love of Jesus” they all talk about but seem to practice selectively. You know, love the ones you want to but shun the rest. How can they be so blind and why does the shepherd not guide the sheep in the right though more difficult way?

So it’s time to get moving. I do need to work on the other blog where I can talk, teach, and even preach on these things.
Seems like there is no getting around it. The cheapest price I find for the thermostat is $83.00. Will run up to Restore today to check out what they have.

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