Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The garden

On this post I'll just put pictures on I took with comments. I try to make the comments line up with the pictures but it doesn't always come out right but you can figure it out.

This first picture shows the difference in where we painted half the living room and the other half.

Many people said "You can't grow sweetcorn out here" referring to the corn worms and other major obstacles. Well, it wasn't the corn worms, the heat, or the West Texas wind that did this corn in, it was bob. I would guess that about half of my corn is in pretty bad shape from the soap insecticide mixture I sprayed on it. Some may make it but we will see. I'm gonna plant a bunch more in a few days.

This is the melon patch. Seems that the vine type of plants, squash and melons, do well under my hands.

If you look close you can see two little watermelons.

This is some of the squash plants. Cherie cooked up our first spaghetti squash last night. It was good stuff man. There's gonna be plenty so if any of you locals want some let me know.

This is gooseneck squash. It freezes well. This is the very first food we ate out of the garden.

Pumpkins. These are the type you make pies out of, not the Halloween type. Can't wait to make a pie out of this instead of out of a can.

This is the tomato and pepper patch. You can see the wind breaks and trellises I made out of the wire fencing I scavenged from the landfill.

Unfortunately many of the tomatoes and peppers aren't doing too well. They got sprayed with the soap mix as well but weren't in good shape anyway. All part of the gardening education.

The beans aren't doing too bad though the wind is beating them up as well.

That's all folks.


Janie said...

We want veggies! We want veggies!

Okay, I put my bid in...early!! ;)

Bob said...

As they come due we'll let you know. There's some spaghetti squash ready now. Come and get it. You know where we live.

Amy E said...

Hey Bob! If you pinch off some of the pumpkin flowers it is supposed to give more energy to the pumpkin(s) growing and should make them bigger. I hear to only let 2-3 blossoms per vine remain. You might want to research that to doublecheck. I have harvested my first batch of pumpkins already. I have plans for pumpkin bread.

Your garden looks so good, much better than mine, but you spend more time on it then I do.

Everything is looking good ahead the homestead....two thumbs up! LOL!