Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shock and surprise

6/20/07 Wednesday
The morning started as it always does now, with the joyful greeting of the puppies when we release them from their room in response to their cries for freedom. It is so great to start out the day this way, to laugh and love with these two bundles of joy. It makes up for the children we will never be able to have. Starting the day with a smile and laughter is as good as it gets. A few puppy kisses all over the face is just an added bonus.

I have been out working on the garden as I like to do in the morning coolness. Watered, hoed, weeded and then took pictures. Remember, this is bob’s school on how to grow and I’ll tell you bob is learning a lot. I’ll get to that in a bit but first lets talk about the most important thing of the day.

I came to the veranda and called Cherie, asking her to get me a glass of tea. I would do it myself but when I am in the back lot, where I had spent so much time chopping down weeds yesterday, my boots get coated with those stickers from the crabgrass and I don’t want to track them in. So Cherie puts ice in the cup and pours the tea, bringing it out to me. I am hot and sweaty and sit down to rest and enjoy this cup of cold wetness. Oh it is so good in the growing heat of the day.

As I am savoring the tea Cherie comes to the door. “Happy anniversary honey” she says with a smile. The cup I had just raised to my lips stays there, frozen in position as my mind races to comprehend what it just heard. “Anniversary? From our first marriage? No, that can’t be it. What day is it? OHHH!!!” the light blinked on. “Today’s the twentieth?...Happy anniversary honey” I said as I watched her smiling face. Today we have been married three years. Yeah, I wasn’t cognizant of it but Cherie understands these things escape me and that’s just the way it is because of the brain damage. I am so blessed to have someone who understands.

So I told her we will go out to eat but she let me know that there is only six dollars in the bank account so we can’t. Well I have twenty six bucks in my wallet so we are going somewhere. I don’t care if it’s Sonic we’re going out.

I’ll do a whole post on the garden later. Right now the fatigue thing that plagues me is setting in so I should take a nap. Almost fell asleep writing this. Here's a picture from our first wedding. Ain't she pretty? And she's just as beautiful today as she was twenty seven years ago when this was taken.
I called Eric and asked him where a decent low cost place to take Cherie out to was. He ran off a list of places and Jason’s Deli sounded like it fit the bill best. So that is where we went for our anniversary. It was a great choice. When we first came to Midland I remember writing how poorly it compared to Toledo when it came to eating establishments. Now, through Eric and Janie we are discovering more of what this city offers. The places have been here, we just didn’t know where. Of course the fact that our budget doesn’t allow much dining out is a factor in this also.

So we had a great time and will go back on later dates. Great food and healthy as well. Love the organic items offered and no transfats being used. Complimentary low fat ice cream was a nice cap to the evening.

This is tonights sunset. A nice end for a nice day. Night all


Eric said...

Congratulations, you two! Have a great time wherever you eat; it's not the place that's important, it's the company, right?

Love that photo of you, Bob...the one with the shocked look. If you find that farming doesn't suit you, you might have a future as a mad scientist. ;-)

Bob said...

I'MMM ALREADY MADDD. HOOO HOOO HAAA HAAA (Mad scientist laugh, should cause chills)

Janie said...

I like the photo, too! You guys make me laugh.

Happy anniversary, Bob and Cherie! God bless y'all more and more and more!!

Tricia said...

I can't let the sun set on the day without throwing out my best wishes! Sonic sounds wonderful...we don't have Sonic up in MI, and I miss their yummy deep-fried tater tots! And a cherry that's what summer's all about right there...

Hope y'all's day was special! Congrats!

Bob said...

Thanks guys. It's good to have ya out there. Ya'll do good now.