Saturday, June 02, 2007

What did I plant?

This is the storm that rolled past us yesterday. Just missed us.

6/2/07 Saturday
Not sure of the rest of yesterday so it will remain a blank. I went out to the herb garden and see I planted five different beds. Unfortunately I didn’t write down what I planted or where so I had to go look at the empty seed packets, which fortunately I saved, to at least figure out the what. Looking at the locations I can guess with perhaps some accuracy cause I am sure the sage went up against the fence. I also believe the chives did too and the bed that does not have rows is most certainly them because of how they grow. Somewhere are the carrots and onions. I think the carrots are the first bed and the onions next. The third bed is currently a total mystery. I’ll have to wait and see what comes up. Still using the old seeds so there is a chance that nothing will. Wait, Here’s two more seed packets. They are both Greek oregano.

I bought fresh seeds when I was at Walmart so need to go out and look at them to see what it was I got. Can’t remember of course. I’ve got lots of planting to do. Don’t have a lot of energy this morning, really dragging. That may be a result of being out in the sun so much yesterday. I just remembered that I called Steve yesterday or the day before and set up Tuesday at 7:00 as the time to meet at his office and see if I can be of assistance showing him how to do E mails and stuff. Not sure if I can or not till I get there. His E mail is evidently through his companies site so probably isn’t Yahoo or something I am familiar with. I’ll do the best I can but was careful not to make any promises. He asked if the electrician who came over with them has come out and run the 220 lines for the stove and water heater yet. I let him know “not yet”.

Cherie brought the puppies in while I was still under the covers this time. Nothing like a puppy sucking and slurping on your ear lobe in search of milk to get you moving. Love these two guys and look forward to raising them. The biggest worry is the highway running in front of our house. They don’t venture far yet but will soon enough. There seems to be a problem with our post office box so we are heading there this morning. Six months ago they locked it up on us, saying we hadn’t paid the fee. It was an argument to convince them we paid for the whole year, not just six months, and they weren’t able to locate a record on us. Cherie looked up the receipt and brought it in to prove we paid for the whole year. Then they found our file. Now we haven’t had any mail in our box for a few days.

I’m running a six or so on the bob scale. A little slower than average. That should pick up as the day proceeds. I didn’t have to take a pain pill till well into the day yesterday but need to start out with one this morning. I guess putting the drip feed system in was tough on the back.
What a trial this turned out to be. I was lured into changing the layout of the blog by Blogger’s little ad that said how easy it is. I should leave well enough alone. Setting up the original blog was a nightmare that took days. I thought I followed the directions clearly which included saving the original set up in case I had to go back to it. The original is lost as far as I can figure out. This has been three hours of frustration. Somehow I got here. It’s not what I wanted but it’s what I got. Need to get to important things. The hell with messing with this anymore.
I am tired of getting lost, wandering around from task to task with nothing getting done. I was “Shocking” the flat with Tomatillas in it as I read in instructions on transplanting from the flats. Forgot about it and dried up a bunch of the plants. I didn’t really forget because they were right out where I walked past them every time I would go out the door. I would see them and think “I’ll get to that right after I do this” for two days. Finally got the tomatillas planted and watered the rest of the flat.

Tried to set up the sprinkler to water the corn but it still won’t work right despite me putting grease on it and adjusting the spring. That’s what happens when you buy the cheap made in China Walmart crap. Costs more in the long run.

I am having a hard time figuring out what to do next. Just came in to type this hoping it will help. Damn cat keeps meowing and begging for attention. Every time he does it interrupts my train of thought and I forget what I was thinking. I am getting depressed. Feel useless.

Oh, I figured out why I came inside. I want to look up what kinds of bugs do the types of damage I find on the plants and how to fix it. Came in thirty minutes ago.

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