Monday, June 25, 2007

A better start than yesterday's end

6/25/07 Monday
That was a rough way to end a great day. This morning I feel beat up. Got a headache and shuffling my feet as I carefully walk. The brain fortunately is operating well, running at the average level of a seven on the bob scale though I’m a bit cranky. Pain can do that. Took a pain pill and aspirin along with the seizure and blood pressure medicine.

I had forgotten to get a piece of plywood to put under the mattress last night and didn’t figure that out till we went to bed and I had to help Cherie get back up. I found a shelf we had taken out of the closet and put that under the mattress. That helped a lot and Cherie got the first decent nights sleep she has had since this started.

Let me recount a little of yesterday. It probably won’t be in chronological order but that’s ok. We went shopping and I called Steve and Janie because we were heading to Home Depot and Steve had mentioned he could use some mulch. I wanted to find out what kind he was interested in as I planned on seeing if they had any broke open bags like we got a deal on before. They did. We got about ten bags for a little over four bucks. SCORE. Took that over to them and enjoyed visiting. It is so good to have found friends. Steve and I went next door to pick up some more of the used fencing. I learned that the guy’s name is Jay. Really felt embarrassed I didn’t remember before but that’s all part of the short term memory loss. Hope I got it right.

The metal fence posts we weren’t able to get because they had been promised to someone else. That’s ok cause we are grateful for what we got. So what else happened? Give me a moment as I gather my thoughts on this.

Steve asked if I would remulch their garden beds. He wanted to pay me for it but I insisted he let me do it as a gift. I just feel better that way. Don’t want to always receive without giving something back. Had to talk him into that. I’m planning on going out there this morning to do it. They have some kind of ground cover vine they want to get rid of along with something called Monkey Grass. I’ll dig that up and bring it back here. The vine is aggressive and hopefully will cover some of the weed areas and choke the weeds off. The Monkey Grass makes a good border so will find a place here without a problem.

As I was writing this my cell phone rang. It was Steve and he asked if I could help him do some stuff around the house. He wants to pay me and this time I will let him. They also invited Cherie to come up and just hang out, take a shower (a luxuriant blessing for her), and even do some laundry. We can bring the puppies as well, which I think will be good for them. I have to unload the truck and water the garden, then we will head out.

The digital camera is messing up. Don’t know what happened but looking through the view finder (if that’s what it’s called) it is blurry and out of focus. The last time we had a problem with the camera we had to mail it to Kodak’s repair facility in Chicago and it cost $180 bucks. Right now the pictures seem ok. Only one of them was out of focus so if we are lucky it will stay that way.

So that’s the start of this day.

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