Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nice storm, Nice storm, Be good

6/10/07 Sunday
I’m pretty thick headed this morning. No, that doesn’t mean stubborn, in my case it is a physical description of how the head feels though I have been known to be stubborn. I am running a five on the bob scale but that should improve as I get moving. Took the puppies out for their morning duties just in time. No sooner were they done when it started raining in earnest.

Cherie has lots of work that must be finished for her boss to pick up tomorrow so won’t make to church this morning. I’m going to try my best to get there but won’t unless I am sharper. I don’t do as well when Cherie is not with me because her presence supplies a security that reduces the stress which is a big factor in the slow downs.

It’s storming pretty good now with lightening striking pretty close. This keys open the memory that I had uncovered the well to examine it when the power went out but forgot to go cover it back up as I had intended. Now I suspect the plastic 55 gallon drum cut to fit over it will be gone, blown across the fields to end up who knows where.

I’ve cleared up so must rush to get ready for church.
Well I never did go check the well. This is unfortunately not unusual with me. Despite writing about it and having every intention to do so on top of it being a very important thing to do in order to protect the $3,000 dollars worth of well, I forgot. That’s one of the reasons they have me on disability. I had Cherie write a big note and tape it on her computer screen to remind me to get this done. It is next to the other notes to remind me of what I need to do like clean the cat litter.

Church was great. It’s too bad Cherie had to work and couldn’t make it cause they had a special presentation with an artist that she would have loved. Sunday school was good also. I was amazed when one of the ladies remembered that my birthday was June 8. There were many who asked about Cherie and made it clear how happy they were I had come back. Eric’s wife said hello and had to tell me her name again. It is unfortunate that I don’t recognize faces well but that’s just part of the TBI. Even Eric’s face didn’t click in my mind with any speed despite my seeing him several times but it’s getting better. If I saw him walking in a store I wouldn’t really notice but I was looking for him in the Sunday school class.

I ran Cherie to see a farmer whom we had missed the other day. Cherie had talked to his wife who happened to know Janie. The farmer called around five or six to let her know it was a good time to come up so we hopped in the truck and scooted on up there. Tomorrow we will be getting up at 4:30 so we can make a forty five minute drive to meet three more farmers. That will be the last of them and Joe will come by to pick up the paperwork later in the day. This will be the end of the survey.

Bugs are getting pretty bad now. With all the bad windows and damaged screens there is little to keep them out. Plus with all the rain the population is way up there. We are keeping lights on only when absolutely needed as they attract the flying pests at night. I don’t know what these small little wasps are but one stung Cherie yesterday. She felt something on her neck and went to swat it.

I went online and learned how to make a soap insecticide. Nothing too it. A tablespoon of dish soap in a cup of cooking oil. You put three tablespoons of that into a quart of water. There was a pump up sprayer I found tucked in a corner of the garage that still works so used it to spray this mix on the corn. Good thing it was out of sight or it would have gotten stolen along with everything else “Friends and relatives” helped themselves to. Virginia kept telling me “There was nothing of value” in the house as if it was ok to take what wasn’t worth much. Bullshit. I don’t care if they stole garbage. It didn’t belong to them and when you take something that doesn’t belong to you, you are a thief no matter how you dress it up.

There is a deep anger there that I don’t need to awaken so I think I’ll just say “Night all”


Janie said...

Hope you're feeling better! Enjoyed seeing y'all yesterday.

ByronB said...

Happy birthday, Bob - think of this comment as one of those cards that say "sorry I missed your birthday"!

I never realised you had so many storms in Texas - or is it more evidence of climate change?

Bob said...

Nah Byron, no climate change though they have had more rain than there has been in decades here. The wind always blows as it is pretty flat for hundreds of miles around. Besides it is spring going into summer here and that always ramps things up. You wouldn't believe the rain here. There are storms where they measure four or five inches in an hour. Flash floods are a serious issue with several deaths every year. But despite all that it is beautiful country. If ya ever come visit from England you have a big invite to come see.