Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's always good to wake up

6/21/07 Thursday
It’s a good morning, as are all mornings I am privileged to wake up. Again I tell of how my life is a gift and how I am grateful for every day I have but add to that the blessings of being reunited with my wife after twenty years and all that has happened since and I am humbled. Why me? What could I have done to deserve this? I know the answer to that last question. I have done nothing to deserve these blessings. Well, I have done many good things in my life and from what I learned as I researched my past always had a heart for those in poor circumstances but the bad outweighed the good. And still I wonder if there is a God, and if His hand is in the many marvelous things that have happened as if orchestrated by that unseen hand. I understand that my honesty in revealing these doubts or questions may disturb some but being honest is one of the promises I made to myself after I woke from the coma. I search for answers and in that search find more questions as I see contradictions in the lives of some I meet. Then there are the few who have come into our lives out of the blue that shine in contrast. Here I see a glimmer of what I seek. A glimpse of truth. People who practice what they profess.

Mama isn’t feeling good this morning. She’s fighting some kind of intestinal thing and has been since yesterday. She bravely endured as we celebrated our anniversary despite feeling so poorly. This morning she asked if oatmeal would be ok for breakfast cause she didn’t feel up to doing more. I told her to go to bed and that I would cook breakfast. I had her give me a list of what she had planned on doing and will be running to town where I will drop off checks to pay bills and picking up the mail. Her check comes direct deposit at midnight so that should be safe. I’m also going to get a two liter of ginger ale that should help settle her stomach.

That’s the start of our day folks. Be back whenever.
It’s 9:30 at night now. Just came in from working in the garden. My trip into Stanton to take care of the chores went ok. I didn’t have a list other than the note Cherie made to get the ginger ale. The envelops with the checks and papers I needed to drop off served as the list. After doing it all and picking up the mail I headed home. Looking over I saw two more envelops sitting on the seat. Nuts. I forgot to put them in the mailbox. Typical kind of thing for me.

When I dropped the check off at the electric company I asked if someone could explain the bill. A lady came out and took me to her office. She went through the bills point by point explaining everything. When I got home Cherie asked what she said and I tried to answer but couldn’t remember a thing. Lot of good that did.

There was a lot I was going to write but am pretty tired. Besides that the back pain is up there from working in the garden. I know it sounds strange but lately, as I work out there, I have scriptures come to mind and formulate bible studies. Beats me where that comes from but this has been happening for some time now. I need to start writing them down. Problem is I forget what I think by the time I make it inside.

Ill call it a night.


Tricia said...

All those people that take offense to your honest questions need to wake up and realize that smell just might be their own you-know-what. As intelligent, intellectual, spiritual beings, we've all asked the tough questions, and then we do our own legwork to search out the answers. And then hopefully, we're able to pass along our particular experiences and the wisdom we've gained to help others do the same thing on their own journey. These people are seriously deluded if they believe what they believe just because someone said so, without ever a single doubt or question as to why. And how dare they pass any form of judgment on you for doing just that!

I'm willing to bet your experience with the Stanton church is what's driving your comments from this morning, and my advice to you is to just write them off. They obviously have created their own definition of 'religion,' despite what the Bible says it is, and frankly,they're not worth the time and effort you spend worrying about it. But get used to the idea that there are LOTS of churches like that one in this world, and it's really quite heartbreaking to see how they have distorted God's Word so horrifically. There are no 'perfect' churches, but there are plenty out there where the people collectively dig deep into God's Word to try to do it the way He wants to the best of their abilities. Finding them is the hard part, though!

Don't let your past experience at the Stanton church get you down. Focus your energy on the wonderful, godly people that have entered your life (yes, that's you, Janie & Eric!), and never, ever be afraid to ask the tough questions! Because a true Christian friend will be more than happy to listen and help you seek out your own answers in a loving, objective, completely non-judgemental way.

OK, I'm stepping down off my soapbox now. Take it or leave it, I just get so worked up over these groups of people that call themselves 'Christian' churches. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me vent! Have a wonderful rest-of-the-day!

Eric said...

Bob, I hope Cherie's feeling better already. If not, two words of advice: Pepto-Bismol. A lot of people write it off as not being "real medicine," but it's amazing what a difference a few doses can make.