Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cherie got soaked.

I got really soaked the other day……………cherie.
Well, in a nice way I got soaked. One of the most difficult trials of this whole homesteading experience for me is that we don’t have hot water let alone the proper hook ups, for this former daily showerholic to partake in the luxury of a personal inside waterfall.
When I do have the opportunity to indulge in a hot bath and/or shower, I am not too hesitant. This is my time to soak in the ambience of a mini spa and relax. Now don’t misunderstand and think I’m a stinky gal – I am not! There are many products available to assist those living on the edge of somewhere (i.e. people fighting in Iraq , people in nursing homes, etc.) and for the not so typical everyday homesteader. But it is a rare and thoughtful gift when someone invites you into their home to spend an hour or so in their bathroom (or restroom) to enjoy a restful bath!!
I am very blessed. And grateful.
(and really truly squeaky clean!)

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