Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day

6/17/07 Sunday
We set the alarm for 6:30 to insure we were up and ready for church on time. I don’t know why we bothered as the puppies had us up by 6:00. Took them out for their morning romp as always. They know this is the routine and head right for the door after getting their morning tail wagging bouncing licking pets. Then we go out and run.

I am getting the skin flush with a slight sweat and dizziness that are a precursor to a slowdown. Not at all convenient just before church. Having Cherie with me will help a lot. She is a support for sure and her presence is reassuring which reduces the stress that makes these partial seizures worse and last longer.

As always things are unpredictable with this unstable system that runs my body. Didn’t really have a seizure as in a mental slowdown but my physical ability was effected. When I woke up the pain level was high and I still had the headache I went to sleep with so I took a pain pill for the back and aspirin for the headache. The pain pill strangely doesn’t touch my headaches. This morning it didn’t seem to help with the back pain either. Walking was (and currently is) a chore and I had to keep my hands touching the walls or Cherie to insure I wouldn’t fall over. It is kind of weird to have to touch something in order to determine you are upright and not tilting off to a side. Especially when you will fall over if you don’t. I can visually tell but touching something works better. Cherie took my arm a few times to help. When everyone closes their eyes to pray I have to leave mine open for the same reason.

We were warmly greeted as we always have been. One lady (Forgive me for not remembering your name) follows the blog and asked how I was doing on the bob scale. I told her I was running at a 6 which is not bad. She said that they had been thinking of coming to visit and asked for our phone number. I let her know we would be blessed to have visitors and would love to have them come over.

We got home and the puppies were bouncing in greeting at the door. We surveyed for pee and poop. There were a couple of puddles. Unfortunately the little brats have discovered where Carman kitties food bowl is kept and cleaned that out. Now that they know we will have to devise a way they can’t get to it. The fact that Carman can jump and get to places they can’t, at least not yet, will help.

So it’s father’s day and of course they wanted the father’s to stand up. I didn’t. I raised Bruce and Adam from the time they were four and five and they called me dad but we don’t talk now, since the rather nasty divorce. I didn’t expect them to send or do anything and they haven’t but I sent them an E mail saying I love them and think of them with a link to the blog and my phone number.

I wonder if my dad will even open the card I sent. It is hard.

So that is the start of the day. See ya next time I post.
Got a second wind after having to lay down for a while because of the headache and back pain. Dug up the roll of black plastic I had recovered from my old warehouse and spread it over a large portion of the crabgrass that covers the area Leroy tilled up. I think it’s called crabgrass. It’s got these thorny seeds that are damn painful and everywhere. They are hard on the puppies as well as me. So I figure the hot sun shining on the black plastic should kill these weeds in a week or two. Don’t know but it’s worth a try. If I wanted to use a poison like Roundup I’d get rid of all this but have determined to stay away from that stuff, especially where I’m growing food I’ll eat.

After spreading the plastic and weighting it down with bricks and rocks I got the hoe and commenced to chopping more of these nasty things. Cherie came out and called me to come and grill the bacon wrapped filets she got me for father’s day. I needed to quit anyway. Always do more than I should but always pay the price for doing so. No biggy. I do what I gotta do.

After we ate we finally got to painting the half of the living room I had sanded and prepared. Just got done at 11:00 so we are both beat. I had to take a pain pill for I have been rough on the old back despite how much it complained. It should help me sleep.

That’s all folks. Night now.


Sandy Kessler said...

I love your blog -its so homespun and real . I am a survivor momentarily of another sort, cancer./I too love animals and will link you to my post so many blessings with your permission so I can read you daily..the best.. I see you cherish it all no other way to

Eric said...

Bob, I'm so glad that you and Cherie visited again this morning at church. Sorry we missed seeing you, but we just got back in town from a quick overnight trip to Fort Stockton to spend the weekend with my parents and my wife's dad. I think we're through with our weekend travels – for a while, anyway.

Bob said...

Sandy-you've got my permission to do anything you want. I checked out your blog and it has a sweet spirit. Love it.
Eric-We will be seeing a lot of each other so don't sweat it. Are you going to the "Gathering". Sounds like the title of a Steven King novel.

Eric said...

Bob, I'm planning to be there. I prefer to think of it as a Tolkienesque gathering, but I guess Stephen King is a separate but equal answer. ;-)

Bob said...

Nah, not equal at all. Being a ravid Tolkien fan I think I'll run with that concept. Feels much better. So which character fits you the best? If I wasn't 6'2" I'd like to think I could be a Frodo, or at the very least Pippin. After all I do have hairy toes.

Eric said...

I guess I'm old enough – but not wise enough – to be Gandalf. That's about the closest I can come to having any Middle Earthian attributes. I certainly don't have the hair for it.

(Funny how the movies have shaped my mental perception of what all those characters look like.)