Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The winds blew

6/27/07 Wednesday
The storms came and the winds blew, thus this place was tested anew. How firm a foundation are we building on? The test of time will tell. Much of the garden has been hit hard. I’m not sure what to do with the corn. When they were younger many of them had blown over like this and I pushed them upright and they did ok. I am not sure how that will work now that they are much bigger and have ears of corn growing. A good part of the corn is in bad shape anyway from my soap insecticide attack. Perhaps I should chop it all down and replant. I plan on planting a new batch anyway and that will save me digging up new beds. Will think on this for a while.

The beans look hit. I had picked up some scrap plywood when I was helping Steve clean out his garage that I planned on burying along the bean rows to serve as wind breaks. Too late for that now unless some of this revives. Don’t know how hardy these plants are just as I don’t really know much about gardening in general. It’s all part of my education. One of the things we plan on doing is planting trees around the place to serve as wind breaks. You can see this done on many of the homes out here in the country. The storm last night had winds in the seventy and eighty miles per hour range.

I’m gonna get moving early again today. When I do this I am often worn by the end of the day, which for me comes earlier than it does for most of you. I just don’t have the stamina I once did. But it feels good to get out and do something. I am going to run out to Steve and Janie’s to mulch their front flower beds and weed. Will probably pick up the fence posts at their neighbor, Jay’s, that he is giving me along with the cedar fencing. First I’ve gotta refill the five gallon water bottles we use for our drinking, cooking, and bathing. (Except when I wash outside with the garden hose.

Cherie goes to see the chiropractor again today at three. Janie had set up an appointment with her chiropractor for Cherie on Monday and paid for the first visit. Steve and Janie are incredible in their compassion and generosity towards us and shining examples of what Christianity should be. What is more valuable to us is the friendship, having people to fellowship with and share time together. That, to plagiarize a well known commercial, is priceless.

Time to roll folks.
I’m worn out. Wish I had the stamina I once did but that’s the way it is so get over it. Worked hard on Steve and Janie’s flower beds but had to quit when I ran out of mulch. Thought seven bags would be more than enough but that only did two thirds of the job. I have some more in the storage shed so will take that in tomorrow morning to finish up the job. I’m glad I can do this for them. Not thinking things through or for that matter not being familiar with lawns I backed the truck over their front lawn. It left marks where the tires compressed the dirt. Don’t know how to fix it.

Found out on the weather that the winds were clocked at ninety three miles per hour. That’s hurricane strength. Seminole, a town near by, had ninety eight mile per hour winds. Set a record.

Cherie went to the chiropractor again today and he told her that she would need a lot of help. Part of the problem is she is overweight and out of shape. I have tried to get her to exercise over the three years we have been together but nothing really gelled. Perhaps now she will find something that works. I suggested buying bicycles. Cherie wants an old fashioned one where you brake by turning the pedal backwards. I don’t know if those are easy to find or what.

I’m gonna hit the sack and plan on getting out early tomorrow to finish up working on their flower beds. Night.

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Amy E said...

Bob, when this happened to me, I left the corn and it bounced back, it had ears already too. Our winds were between 70-100 mph, and my corn looked just like yours. My beans revived too, though excessive rain the past two weeks did do them in....