Friday, June 01, 2007

First of the month

Your liable to see lots of pictures of the puppies but that's the way it is. This is the first good face shot I've gotten of Trixie even though Rascal's butt is in the way

6/1/07 Friday
It’s the first of the month. The check is in and I am heading to Walfart to pick up some of the stuff we need. As much as I dislike shopping there for what I see as ethical reasons it is where we get the most for our money for many products. Ethics must take a back seat to practicality. It is always a stretch at the end of a month so the first is a big day of sorts. Cherie will do the important bulk shopping where we get important consumables that don’t spoil in the big packages that get us the best value for the money. That is why Sam’s club is a wise investment. Saves us a ton in the long run. With Cherie getting her check (It didn’t come in yet but will) we might splurge and actually go see a movie. It will either be Shrek or Pirates, something upbeat that puts a smile on the face. Neither of us are into the who killed who movies and have no interest of any kind in horror flicks. I’ve seen enough horror in real life.

June is also the month my birthday falls in but I see it as just another day. June 8 I'll be another year older. It's another year in the gift life is for me. Cherie and I have agreed to not make a big deal about birthdays. She spent hers’ in Ohio with Mom as they share the same birthday. In some ways I consider waking up from the coma as a birthday. Was pretty much operating at the level of a child with much of the world brand new to me.

So this morning I went and got the puppies out of the front porch, where we keep them at night or when we are traveling, and carried them to the bed where Cherie was still sleeping. That was a great way to wake her up with their excited wagging tails and licking tongues as they snuggled into her hair looking for the teats they still crave despite being weaned. Cherie just laughed and loved them as they showed how happy they were to see us after being locked in the porch all night. Somehow they managed to poop in the living room. Don’t know when they could have unless the wind blew the front door open, as it doesn’t always latch closed. What a mystery this is. I can hear the theme music from the Twilight Zone running through my head as I write.

I am doing quite well this morning. Already got out and Dippel dusted the corn. We had some rain last night which is always welcome for the garden. At some point I wish to set up things to do what is called “rain water harvesting” by the government. Water is a precious resource and the well water is so hard it eventually leaves a white residue on top of the dirt in the seed starting flats. We haven’t had it tested regarding the mineral content but eventually need to as that is important regarding growing crops and particularly for the orchard trees we plan on.

Time to get moving.
Spent more at Walmart than I thought I would. The water feeder for the puppies was fifteen bucks. I got some poison for the ants and that was another fourteen, then there was eleven for fungicide to treat the leaf wilt and other diseases that are showing on the plants. It’s a concentrate that will make sixty four gallons but still a chunk of change. All said and done it came out to ninety dollars and I got twenty bucks worth of gas on top of that. If I had filled the thirty gallon tank on the truck it would have been another ninety dollars. Anymore I start slow, drive slow, and stop slow to use as little gas as possible. Cherie was gone to work by the time I got home. I’ll get to work on the garden while I am still doing well cause you never know how long that will last.
It’s 4:00. I’m wiped so need to take a break. Been out in the sun all day hooking the drip feed irrigation up. Got a headache and body ache, as in all over. Will sit on the veranda to take advantage of the breeze. Sweating buckets as soon as I came in. The wind has beat up the squash plants. Haven’t made it over to look at the melons yet. May not for a while. When I stop sweating I will probably have to take a nap.


Amy E said...

Bob! How funny! My husband's birthday is the same day as yours! What a coincidence!

Bob said...

Now if your birthday was the same as Cherie's that would be freaky. I read your blog. You pace yourself working out in the sun. I've been learning the hard way. Not as young or vital as I used to be. Damn birthdays.

Amy E said...

sorry, my birthday is in April, but close....