Monday, June 11, 2007

I wonder

6/11/07 Monday
It’s 11:30. I just came in to take a break from the heat and add to this journal. In my mind I had already posted an entry for today and even thought I knew what I wrote. Opening the laptop I see it is not turned on and then remember turning it off last night. So it is another moment of confusion like so many others.

We got up at 4:30 this morning and were out the door by 6:00. Cherie was able to catch the one farmer she had agreed to meet with by phone. We got close to where he would be and Cherie called him on the cell phone. He asked where we were and came out to meet us. Cherie went through the interview on the highway. I had pulled off the road for Cherie to call but the farmer just pulled up and parked his truck in the middle of the highway, getting out to go through this stuff on the hood of our truck. That’s West Texas country. Yesterday we were going down a two lane highway when we saw the SUV that had passed us earlier stopped and having a conversation with another truck that had been traveling the other direction. They were both in their respective lanes, just pulled up close with their windows rolled down and discussing the weather or whatever, not at all concerned they were blocking both lanes of traffic. Course there was no traffic and when they saw us coming up they started moving. It’s a relaxed world out here.

So Cherie was able to see another farmer but the third was not to be found. All in all it was a good day. I went out to check on the well, battening everything down. Was just making tomato cages before I came in. The last time I think I made them too small and this time they may be to large. Perhaps next time they will be just right. Kind of like the fable of the three bears.

I’ve got a splitting headache so took two aspirin. The Hydrocodone doesn’t touch headaches, just muscle and joint pain, so aspirin is the best medicine. The first church of Stanton has been plaguing my thoughts for days now as I wonder what happened there, wonder what they think or say about me, wonder why, wonder where their Jesus is in all this, wonder about what happened with their plans to come out and help with things, wonder why nothing happened, wonder why no one has visited or talked, just wonder.

I am tired and should take a nap.
Never took the nap. Joe called and said he would be here by two and he was. I went out and worked on garden stuff. Mostly made more tomato cages and put them around the plants that have survived. Then I wrapped plastic around them to provide some wind protection. I am in the middle of a slow down so came in. will post this and probably zone out.


Tricia said...

Hey Bob! Thanks so much for finding your way to my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. That post about going to Jorge's really drove me crazy, though. That has to be my favorite Mexican restaurant back home. Well, that and Rosa's. Makes me so homesick. The places up here that call themselves 'Mexican' restaurants should truly be ashamed of themselves!

And thanks for your encouraging words as well! I've been able to grow a pretty thick skin, but hearing such dissent still rattles me a little.

I was just thinking today that I should drop you a comment or an email to let you know I'm around, and you beat me to it! Give that big beautiful expanse of nothing affectionately known as West Texas big howdy for me, OK?

Bob said...

Thanks Tricia. I have an E mail address I set up for this blog listed in the header at the top so feel free to drop a line. There is no doubt the Mexican restaurants up in Michigan don't compare. If I had the money I'd buy a Rosa's franchise for Michigan and Ohio and make a killing. You hang in there. Ann Arbor is good country and I miss the trees but this is home now. I'll add you to my link list in a bit.