Friday, June 22, 2007

The Gathering

6/22/07 Friday
It’s four in the morning. Cherie’s back is a mess. She doesn’t remember doing anything to cause it but simply sitting up is a difficult painful trial. I’ll do what I can to help her out.

The Gathering
Throughout the history of man there has always been those who were the communicators. In ancient times they were often wanderers, or travelers recognized by the cloak and staff that were the trademarks of their trade. In every society you find names for them. They were known as “Bards” in the ancient Celtic culture. The Greeks called them Rhapsodians, in Europe they were Minstrels, in the Scandinavian realm they were Skalds, go to ancient India and Iran and you will find them called udgātṛ, and in the Africa of times gone by they were the Griots. The prophets and sages also can be included in this caste.

For all of them words were their tools. Often they would use music and poems to carry their words to the ears of the listeners, enhancing the delivery of their message. These wanderers of old did much more than just recite the histories and genealogies or their people. In addition to being the “newspapers” of the day, spreading news of what was going on in the realm, they inspired their listeners to live by moral codes and emulate the deeds and ethics told of.

Not only did they recount the legends and tales of old but they would, through the use of satire among other things, reveal the faults and deprivations of the time. So these wanderers with their cloaks and staffs were guardians and guides. Often unseen or unnoticed as they performed these duties they had, and have, a powerful influence on their world.

So a call has been put out, a trumpet blown for a gathering of some of these bards. In this day and age they wander through the internet where their words travel the world at the click of a button but their words still have power and entertain. Their mediums are the blogs and we now call them “Bloggers”. So today there will be a “Gathering” of some of the bloggers of the area. I have been asked to attend this momentous event. It will be a huge crowd of luminaries numbering perhaps seven or eight. Or maybe three, I don’t know but it will be great fun to meet some of my fellow bloggers and I look forward to it. I just hope Cherie is up to going.
We made it to the big shebang just fine. At first we just got a cup of coffee and sat down looking at different people wondering “Is he one of the blogger people?” because we don’t know any of them. Then Janie showed up and we relaxed cause she knows everybody. It wasn’t long till the rest of the crowd trickled in, with the exception of Eric who had already said he would be coming in on his bike after some kind of ride.

It wasn’t long before he showed. He saunters in after riding his bike fifty miles or something and just sits down cool as can be. No shortness of breath and not soaking with sweat. My puppies take me out and run me twenty feet and I’m a ball of sweat and have to sit down. The way Eric talks you’d think he was sixty five years old, chuckling about how someone fifty is still a youngster. It’s not fair (said with teenage whiney exasperation) Anyway it’s my fault for being out of shape.

So we started with introductions with everyone explaining who they were. Some got out business cards and I gave out a few with our blog address on it. Unfortunately I can’t remember any of the names except the two who were sitting to my left. That is only because they both gave me business cards. My apologies to the rest of you but that’s part of the short term memory loss. Darrel Ward, the guy who does morning news and weather on channel nine was next to me and J.P. Hearn, who has a website called was next to him. Then there was Eric and Janie whom we already know and two other guys. I’ll have to get Janie to tell me who they are. One has a photography blog I believe and while I can’t recall what the other gentleman was involved in I know he is well traveled and knowledgeable of the television media realm. As was the photography guy.

So there was lots of intelligent conversation and I was grateful to be sharp, running a good nine on the bob scale. It was hard for me to keep up with everything and some of the conversation revolved around the oil industry so I was clueless there. Darrel and I talked a bit. I told him a little about what I’d been through and we talked about God and related matters. I am never sure how I am coming across but think I did ok.

JP is a chef and would like to open a restaurant sometime. His wife runs a business that does something with buying and selling homes I believe. JP specializes in chocolate. I like chocolate so perhaps he can trade me some for squash? Hey, use what you got ya know. Speaking of squash we brought a bunch to give to Eric and Janie. They both were grateful and I was glad to be able to give it. Eric’s wife, Debbie, came in towards the end. She is always careful to let me know who she is, conscious of my short term memory loss and difficulty recognizing faces. This thoughtfulness and consideration is always appreciated.

So we discussed the worlds ills and how to solve them. Then it was time for many to get going so we broke up. Cherie and I ordered some food after seeing Eric and Debbie did. After I had to get one of their deserts that the sneaky devils put on display as soon as you walk in. Got the turtle cheesecake. Good stuff made the right way.

I started to slowdown about two thirds of the way through the afternoon, with the voices and sounds all around starting to overwhelm me but by focusing on just one conversation did well controlling it. I made sure Janie and Eric got their squash and will be getting some for Darrel when the next batch comes due. That won’t be long.

When I came back in from handing out the squash I found Cherie talking with two blond women. I couldn’t place them so thought she had made some friends. Walking up she, understanding I wouldn’t know who they were introduced them and let me know they were from the Stanton Church. One is the wife of the Sunday school teacher who’s class we first attended. It was good to see them.

After all this Cherie had a list of estate sales she wanted to look for a dresser or something to store linins in so we went to two of them. She found something at the second one so loading it up we headed home.

The luncheon took a lot of me. Not only being out in public but mostly interacting and keeping up with the whole bunch. I had to work to stay awake on the fifteen minute drive home. When we got here I just went straight to bed and didn’t wake up till six o’clock. Like I said it took a lot out of me.

So that’s a summary of today. I’m gonna call it a night folks so till next time…


Eric said...

Dang, is that why we got together? I just heard that there might be cake.

[Regardless, it was a fun gathering. Hope we do it again sometime.]

Janie said...

Moi, aussi!

Bob said...

Eric-just thought I'd try some fancy rytin. But it was a grand time and I suspect it will happen again.

Janie-asked Cherie what moi, aussi means and she said to tell you "Moo goo gai pan". I don't know what that means either.

Eric said...

Oh, and thanks again for the squash. We had one of the yellow ones for dinner last night and it was delicious!

And, just to set the record straight: I rode only 20 miles, and I had already showered and changed clothes before getting on the other bike for a leisurely ride to the cafe. Nothing at all extraordinary about it (but I will agree that it's a blessing to be physically able to do such things).

Eric said...

I almost forgot. The guy sitting between JP and Janie is Jeff McDonald (ArchaeoTexture). The guy in the orangey shirt sitting next to me is Wallace Craig (Streams). Jeff is the one who pulled this little gathering together.

Bob said...

Thanks Eric. Now I can write all kinds of things about them. Don't have a clue what but I'm sure I can make stuff up.